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LG Puts Focus of New Brand Identity on Value of ‘Life’s Good’  

LG Puts Focus of New Brand Identity on Value of ‘Life’s Good’  

LG has unveiled a new brand identity that will focus on the value of its “Life’s Good” slogan. The goal of the new brand identity is to create a more dynamic and youthful look to reach younger consumers, including those from Generation Z. According to LG, the Life’s Good slogan “encompasses the message of how the company enables its customers to enjoy a quality life and indulge in precious moments” via its products and services. The brand revamp includes an updated visual identity, which the company hopes will boost interaction with customers.  

In other news, ViewSonic has announced the release of a new lineup of monitors. The OMNI VX28 series was designed for consumers who require a high-performance display for both work and gaming and comes equipped with a ton of cool features. These include VESA-certified anti-tearing and anti-blur technologies, a blue light filter and flicker-free tech. The monitors come in a range of sizes from 24-inch to 27-inch and have a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, with an impressive 0.5ms response time. 

Lastly, Leica’s latest camera was designed especially for black and white photography enthusiasts. The Leica M11 Monochrom features a dedicated monochrome multi-resolution full-frame BSI sensor, allowing users to focus on the fundamental elements of light and shadow. The camera’s design boasts an all-metal body, high-quality aluminum top plate, sapphire glass display, leatherette covering and a scratch-resistant black finish. 


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