Home Audio/Video LG’s New Portable Speaker Lets You Customize its Color 

LG’s New Portable Speaker Lets You Customize its Color 

LG’s New Portable Speaker Lets You Customize its Color 

LG has announced the pricing and availability of a new portable speaker that has recently joined the company’s lineup. The coolest feature of the XBOOM Portable Tower Speaker is its dot matrix LED display, which lets users completely customize the speaker’s color and ring lighting movements. With the LG app, users can also display personalized text on the speaker, as well as a host of different visual effects, like animations, patterns and characters. The speaker boasts an 8-inch full-range woofer and a 2.5-inch tweeter that delivers 250 watts of sound.  

In other news, Walmart plans to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible and reliable by expanding its charging stations at stores across the country. The retail giant aims to build its own EV fast-charging network by 2030, providing drivers with easy access to on-the-go charging. Walmart’s goal of creating more accessible EV charging stations will add to its current 1,300 fast-charging stations it currently has at more than 280 facilities. 

Lastly, Toyota’s newest hybrid EV will be arriving at retailers this summer. The Corolla Cross Hybrid is powered by Toyota’s fifth generation hybrid system. It boasts 196 horsepower and has an impressive EPA-estimated 42 combined miles per gallon. The car’s lithium-ion battery is more compact and lighter and is stored under the car’s rear seats. The Corolla Cross Hybrid starts at $27,970 and is available in three different models. 


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