Home Business News CE Today 12/18/23: News from Oraimo, EcoFlow, and Rheem

CE Today 12/18/23: News from Oraimo, EcoFlow, and Rheem

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Oraimo Unveils Cutting-Edge Nugget Ice Maker Series OIM-512A

As the holiday season approaches, Oraimo unveils its latest addition to the product lineup, the Nugget Ice Maker Series OIM-512A, set to launch on December 18th. This innovative appliance introduces Sonic Ice, distinct from conventional ice makers, known for its satisfying crunch and prolonged melt time. With a daily capacity of 37 pounds, the ice maker incorporates an upgraded compressor for enhanced efficiency and quieter fans, aligning with eco-conscious consumer demands.

Image courtesy of Oraimo.

Its compact design, measuring 12.8DxW9.57×14.9H inches and 26.7 pounds, easily fits on countertops and allows for convenient storage. Notable features include automatic cleaning, a 14ft. drainage pipe, and a one-click start mechanism. The appliance is available in two colors, with more options to come.

EcoFlow’s GLACIER Portable Refrigerator Wins TIME 2023 Green Energy Award

EcoFlow celebrates a significant achievement as its GLACIER portable refrigerator receives the prestigious TIME Best Inventions 2023 Award in the Green Energy category, reinforcing the company’s dedication to eco-friendly energy solutions. The GLACIER stands out in the outdoor industry by combining convenience with environmental responsibility, earning praise for its positive impact on reducing ecological footprints associated with outdoor activities.

Image courtesy of EcoFlow.

Notably, the detachable plug-in battery provides up to 40 hours of cordless power, offering extended cooling capabilities and serving as a clean energy source for charging devices. This recognition from TIME, alongside other accolades such as CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree and the 2023 Good Design Award, underscores EcoFlow’s leadership in green energy and portable power. As the company continues to innovate, it looks forward to exploring new areas, particularly in the smart devices segment, and plans to focus on the energy storage industry in the coming year.

Rheem Introduces Super-Efficient Gas Water Heaters in Maximus™ Line

Rheem, a prominent global manufacturer of water heating and HVACR products, is expanding its Maximus™ line with two new super high-efficiency gas water heaters. The additions include the 75-gallon Maximus™ Heavy Duty (HD) with LeakSense™ and Maximus™ plus models in 40- and 50-gallon sizes. All models meet ENERGY STAR® 5.0 requirements, providing homeowners with savings on utility bills, eligibility for tax credits and rebates, and meeting hot water demands for larger homes.

Photo courtesy of Rheem.

The Maximus Heavy Duty with LeakSense offers high capacity for homes with three or more bedrooms, featuring efficiency, performance, and smart options, including the MaxMode™ for increased hot water during high demand. The Maximus plus models offer a lower-cost, high-efficiency option with streamlined features. Maximus water heaters, designed with input from plumbers for faster service and flexible installation, reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Premium models include EcoNet® Wi-Fi technology for complete control and a built-in 360° LeakSense leak detection system. All packaging is 100% recyclable, contributing to sustainability.