Home Business News CE Today 10/4/23: News from Toshiba TV, G-SHOCK, & INSEAD

CE Today 10/4/23: News from Toshiba TV, G-SHOCK, & INSEAD

CE Today 10/4/23: News from Toshiba TV, G-SHOCK, & INSEAD

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Toshiba TV Launches Social Media Campaign #MakingSoundVisible for New Z870 TV

Video courtesy of Toshiba TV Global.

Experiencing music in its fullest form is no longer limited to just speakers and listening devices. Toshiba TV is highlighting advances in AV technology when it comes to music with its #MakingSoundVisible social media campaign for the new Z870 TV.

The Z870 is designed to provide a rich visual backdrop to every tune. Equipped with Mini LED technology, it synchronizes with your music using captivating visuals to elevate each musical note, turning your home into a mesmerizing concert hall. Vibrant scenes are depicted with Quantum Dot Color technology while the REGZA Engine ZRi works diligently to enhance clarity in visuals and sound. The REGZA Bass Woofer Pro complements these visuals nicely by composing a resonating audio experience that layers sound to ensure that viewers can distinguish notes, beats, and rhythm. The Toshiba TV Z870’s audio is also refined by the ZR 2.1.2 Surround Sound System, and Front Firing Speaker, with the former focusing on spatial immersion, and the latter on precise directional audio delivery.

The #MakingSoundVisible campaign is intended to showcase the Z870’s ability to depict the enthralling magic that occurs in AV products.

CASIO Unveils Vibrant Caution Yellow Collection of G-SHOCK Timepieces

The Caution Yellow collection of G-SHOCK timepieces. Image courtesy of G-SHOCK.

Today, CASIO America released its new Caution Yellow collection of its iconic G-SHOCK timepieces that combine high-impact performance with style.

The collection contains four models, the GWB5600CY-1, GAB2100CY-1A, GA100CY-1A, and GA700CY-1A, that feature a matte black finish on the case that is accented with bright yellow highlights. The design mimics caution lines on roads, curbs, and walkways, providing a striking contrast that captures the attention of observers while ensuring visibility. Part of the appeal of this design is found in its irony. G-SHOCK’s legacy of toughness and reliability means there is no caution sign needed when deciding whether this timepiece can withstand anything that comes its way.

All the timepieces are equipped with G-SHOCK technology, which includes shock resistance, 200M water resistance, an auto LED light, five alarms, a countdown timer, and world time. The GWB5600CY-1 and GAB2100CY-1A models feature Bluetooth functionality as well as a 1/100s stopwatch (24 hr) feature. The GA100CY and GA700CY models come with a 1/100s stopwatch (24 hr) feature.

The Caution Yellow collection from CASIO G-SHOCK is available now. The G-SHOCK GWB5600CY-1 and GAB2100CY-1A retail for $150, GA100CY-1A retails for $120, and the GA700CY-1A retails for $99.

Introducing the INSEAD XR Portal for VR Learning

INSEAD, the Business School for the World, launched the INSEAD XR portal, a platform that provides education and learning experiences using VR technology. The business school is the first to launch an educational technology of this kind, which features a comprehensive library that is scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly on a worldwide scale.

Image courtesy of INSEAD.

The portal offers access to 20 VR experiences covering a wide range of management topics. More than 40 faculty members at INSEAD have started using the XR portal in their teaching and research endeavors, or are involved in developing the VR experiences on the portal itself. Three academic institutions are currently slated to start using the VR experiences in their teaching, with more institutions in talks to onboard in the future.

Professor Francisco Veloso, Dean of INSEAD, said in a press release, “INSEAD has always been at the forefront of innovation in management education. The INSEAD XR once again pioneers a new path to innovation and growth. As the Business School for the World, we are proud to see that INSEAD XR is leading the field of learning and research, making management education more impactful – not only at INSEAD but also around the world.”

INSEAD XR portal was developed for academic or corporate partners, spearheaded by Ithai Stern, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and Academic Director of the VR Immersive Learning Initiative. Of the portal, Stern said, “Our XR library goes beyond showcasing digital cases. It is a turnkey solution for academic and corporate partners, offering them ready, easy-to-implement suite of immersive learning tools or customised solutions to achieve the desired learning objectives.”