Home Business News CE Today 9/22/23: News from Walcom, Datacolor, and G-SHOCK

CE Today 9/22/23: News from Walcom, Datacolor, and G-SHOCK

CE Today 9/22/23

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Wacom Unveils Signature Displays 13 Touch and 12

Wacom has unveiled its latest eDocument solution, the Signature Displays 13 touch (DTH134) and 12 (DTC121), designed to drive digital transformation initiatives. These displays simplify the digital document signing, form filling, and annotation process across various industries, including hospitals, banks, insurance companies, and hotels. By enabling verifiable and legally-binding digital signatures, these displays offer cost savings through paperless workflows, reduce data loss risks, and enhance overall workflow efficiency.

Featuring anti-glare etched glass screens in 11.6″ and 13.3″ sizes, users can effortlessly view, annotate, and sign documents directly on the screen without needing to zoom in. With easy plug-and-play USB-C connectivity and USB-C power delivery, setup is a breeze, while compatibility with Citrix and VMware virtualized environments ensures smooth operation. Security measures include a Kensington Lock NanoSaver slot, SDKs for electronic signatures, and robust encryption.

Datacolor Introduces Spyder Checkr Video

Image courtesy of Datacolor.

Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, introduces the Spyder Checkr Video, an innovative color reference tool designed to work seamlessly with video vectorscopes, waveform monitors, and various professional video editing software solutions. This tool ensures precise color calibration and exposure accuracy for one or multiple camera and lens combinations, simplifying the post-production workflow and enhancing the video editing process.

The Spyder Checkr Video features a patent-pending Color Pattern Card that, when viewed through a vectorscope, displays a circular pattern of colors, offering a comprehensive view of all captured colors, including nuanced shades and skin tones. The system includes high-gloss target cards, a gradient grey-scale card, a neutral grey card for white balance, and more, all conveniently stored in an ergonomically designed protective case. With a retail price of $129.99, Datacolor’s Spyder Checkr Video sets a new industry standard for portable and user-friendly color reference tools, ensuring impeccable color accuracy for professionals and video enthusiasts alike. To learn more or make a purchase, visit datacolor.com/spyder-checkr-video, Amazon, or authorized retailers.

G-SHOCK Celebrates 40 Years of Absolute Toughness with New Book: A Visual Chronicle of Iconic Watch’s Evolution and Impact

Photo courtesy of G-SHOCK.

In honor of its 40th anniversary, G-SHOCK presents “G-SHOCK: 40 Years Of Absolute Toughness,” a captivating exploration of the iconic watch’s journey, impact, and cultural significance. Authored by renowned watch connoisseur and aBlogtoWatch founder, Ariel Adams, and published by Rizzoli, this visually striking hardcover chronicles G-SHOCK’s evolution from innovative timepiece to a global symbol of strength, resilience, and versatility.

Born from the visionary mind of engineer Kikuo Ibe, G-SHOCK revolutionized watch durability, becoming the embodiment of toughness. The book delves into the brand’s history of innovation, featuring behind-the-scenes glimpses of its Japanese R&D facilities and showcasing collaborations with sports figures, musicians, artists, and fashion icons.

Retailing at $65, “G-SHOCK: 40 Years of Absolute Toughness” is available now on rizzoliusa.com and for preorder on gshock.casio.com, offering a compelling journey through G-SHOCK’s enduring legacy.