Home Business News CE Today 9/7/23: News from LG, G-SHOCK, and CURAPROX

CE Today 9/7/23: News from LG, G-SHOCK, and CURAPROX

CE Today 9/7/23

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LG Unveils Luxury 118-Inch Micro LED Display for Ultimate Home Entertainment at 2023 CEDIA Expo

Image courtesy of LG Electronics.

LG Electronics USA has unveiled the impressive LG MAGNIT 118-inch 4K Micro LED residential display at the 2023 CEDIA Expo, targeting luxury homeowners seeking top-tier home theater experiences. Priced at $237,000, this display sets a new standard in home entertainment, boasting 0.6 mm pixel pitch, 4K resolution, AI-enhanced processing, and 8 million-plus Micro LED pixels for exceptional color, clarity, and contrast.

The Alpha 9 processor, using AI deep learning technology, optimizes picture quality, while the 120-Hz display with 250 nits of brightness ensures excellent performance in various indoor environments. Integrated speakers and WiSA connectivity add convenience, and its streamlined two-cabinet design simplifies installation for certified LG MAGNIT integrators.

LG’s OLED TV lineup, including the groundbreaking LG SIGNATURE OLED M, was also featured at the expo, showcasing wireless connectivity up to 4K 120Hz.

Casio Unveils GMAS2100MD Series: A Radiant Blend of Elegance and Innovation in Women’s Timepieces

Image courtesy of G-SHOCK: GMA-S2100MD SERIES

Casio America, Inc. has unveiled the GMAS2100MD series, a stunning collection for women that combines the luxury of rose gold with an elegant octagonal design, redefining wristwatches as fashion accessories. The matte case and band contrast beautifully with the opulent metallic dial, creating a timepiece that exudes individuality and brilliance.

The collection introduces a more compact style inspired by the iconic G-SHOCK octagonal design, featuring a rose gold vapor deposition on the octagonal face and mirror-finished surface accents, enhancing its radiance. Crafted from matte-finished resin for comfort and lightweight wear, these timepieces are available in a range of muted tones.

They are equipped with innovative features, including Super Illuminator technology for optimal readability in low light, and come with G-SHOCK’s hallmark durability, making them both stylish and functional. The GMAS2100MD series is now available in select retailers and online, showcasing a blend of elegance and innovation in women’s timepieces.

CURAPROX Launches Samba: The World’s First Robotic Toothbrush for Individuals with Disabilities

CURAPROX, a renowned Swiss oral health brand, has introduced Samba, the world’s first robotic toothbrush designed to empower individuals with disabilities to independently and effectively maintain their oral hygiene. Currently, people with physical and mental disabilities face limited options for oral care, relying on caregivers or compromising their dental health with subpar cleaning.

Image courtesy of CURAPROX: Samba Toothbrush

Samba, developed over eight years, utilizes a groundbreaking combination of low and high-frequency oscillations, featuring 12,900 soft bristles that move dynamically to remove plaque and debris from teeth and gums. This innovative technology eliminates the need for manual brushing, granting individuals newfound independence in their oral care routine. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and well-being, CURAPROX aims to address the oral health needs of millions worldwide by introducing this transformative solution, available exclusively in the U.S. for $299.