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AI Enters the Video Commerce Space

Firework/TFM beta release of the first-ever generative AI live shopping solution

Firework today announced the beta release of the first-ever generative AI live shopping solution. The patent-pending generative AI technology allows customers to utilize the in-video chat feature on an ongoing, on-demand basis. Long after a livestream has concluded, shoppers can ask questions about the products or services featured therein and Firework’s proprietary AI engine will provide accurate, real-time responses based on user input, the content of the video, and other associated metadata. The new AI engine makes use of a large language model (LLM), can understand and respond in a wide range of languages, and can be customized to reflect each brand’s unique voice.

Firework is launching the beta version of the first-to-market tool with its long-standing partner, The Fresh Market. The specialty grocer will pilot the AI-assisted live shopping capabilities on its flagship website www.thefreshmarket.com, as well as on its shoppable video live commerce (SVLC) retail media network.

“Our customers are looking to engage with our brand in real time, both online and in store,” said Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at The Fresh Market. “With Firework’s generative AI technology, we can be certain that customers will receive prompt, friendly, and personalized support whenever they choose to engage with our video commerce content. This is yet another example of how the Firework platform has enabled us at The Fresh Market to bring the benefits of in-store shopping to the digital realm.”

As just one use case, a customer can ask ‘what is the recipe for the salad being made in this video?’, and the tool will provide the ingredients.

The AI product was developed by Firework AI Labs, a dedicated team of core AI and machine learning experts committed to keeping Firework at the leading edge of artificial intelligence. The Firework AI Sales Assistant builds on the team’s past successes in AI-driven video commerce enablement, including an array of automated, AI-enabled content creation and editing tools offered in the Firework Creation Studio.

“What sets video commerce apart from other media is the potential for immersive, interactive customer experiences,” said Rick Zhuang, CTO at Firework. “But, traditionally, the moment a livestream ended, a significant portion of that interactivity was lost. Now, with our generative AI-powered livestreams, shoppers can enjoy personalized, real-time interactivity and support no matter when they choose to watch. As a result, our customers can get even more lifetime value out of the video commerce content they create — transforming on-demand video into always-on, interactive experiences.”