Home Business News Meta Acquires Virtual Reality Fitness Company Within  

Meta Acquires Virtual Reality Fitness Company Within  

Meta Acquires Virtual Reality Fitness Company Within  

Meta announced that Within has officially joined its ranks after two years of trying to acquire the virtual reality fitness company. Within is owned by Reality Labs and is the creator of Supernatural, an app that features tons of immersive VR workouts. Within will continue to operate independently but will now work with Meta on enhancing future hardware to support VR fitness experiences. Meta revealed plans to acquire Within in 2021, but the deal was blocked after the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint alleging Meta was building a “virtual reality empire,” CNET reported

In other news, Garmin has released a new hybrid smartwatch called the vívomove Trend. The watch combines a classic analog design with everything a smartwatch has to offer, including smartphone notifications, quick-reply texting and contactless payment. The smartwatch also boasts plenty of fitness features and lets you track weekly activity, resting heart rate and body fat percentage. The vívomove Trend starts at $269.99 and is available in several different colorways, such as Slate/Black, Peach Gold/Ivory and Cream Gold/French Gray. 

Lastly, Lucid Group is offering a $7,500 electric vehicle credit with the purchase of two of its Lucid Air models. The deal is a limited time offer through March 31 and only applies to select configurations of the company’s cars – the Lucid Air Touring and Air Grand Touring. Lucid’s electric vehicles are some of the best on the market, boasting both the longest-range and fastest charging of any EVs currently on the road. 


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