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New Vulnerability Puts Windows 10,11, and Server Users in Jeopardy

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Thanksgiving may be a holiday for the rest of us, but hackers won’t be taking the day off especially with the new security vulnerabilities exposed for millions of users that rely on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server systems. The new vulnerability, which was uncovered in a failed ‘November Patch Tuesday’ fix, puts users at renewed risk for system takeover. The new issue can allow intruders with local access to your Windows computer the ability to obtain admin rights, giving them access to all files on the computer. This vulnerability could persist for the next few weeks, and there is not much users can do outside of waiting for Microsoft to release a patch, which will likely come in the ‘December Patch Tuesday’ fix. In the meantime, stay alert and be conscientious of using your device in public places like the airport.  

In lighter news, get the gravy ready and prepare to slump into a solid food coma with the relief that your holiday gifts should be arriving on time. While there has been much anxiety across the industry regarding global supply chain issues, two of the nation’s largest shipping companies, UPS and FedEx, are confident that they will be able to manage orders this holiday season thanks in large part to consumers doing their shopping early. Adding an extra shipping day during the holiday season and having the vaccine available to employees has also helped keep the system running smoothly. What products can you not wait to have delivered? Is it the new iPhone 13, a Samsung 8K QLED TV, or something more quirky?

Looking to get in shape and game at the same time? With Peloton these activities no longer have to be mutually exclusive. The company recently announced that it will be adding the “Peloton Lanebreak” gaming module as part of its subscription service for Bike and Bike Plus members in 2022. This is just the latest intersection of fitness and gaming, a landscape that currently features some nifty VR technology from PlayStation and Oculus. The “Peloton Lanebreak” is the latest for the fitness brand looking to deliver unique experiences for its customers in a post-pandemic world.

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