Home Business News CE Today 9/28/23: News from Lenovo, CASIO, & Theranica

CE Today 9/28/23: News from Lenovo, CASIO, & Theranica

CE Today 9/28/23: News from Lenovo, CASIO, & Theranica

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Lenovo Partners with Singer/Songwriter Stephen Sanchez on Live Visual Album

Lenovo partnered with singer/songwriter Stephen Sanchez on producing a live visual album for the artist’s debut album, Angel Face, released September 22 via Mercury Records/Republic Records. The visual album will premiere live at 8 PM ET on October 3 on Sanchez’s YouTube channel. This collaboration marks the fifth year that Lenovo has worked with established and celebrated artists and musicians to help bring their creative visions to life as part of its Limitless Possibilities campaign.

The concert, filmed in Nashville, will utilize the latest Lenovo and Intel Evo technology throughout the creative and production process, including the newly released Lenovo Yoga Book 9i and Lenovo Yoga 9i. The devices were critical to the cinematic production, enhancing the productivity of both Sanchez and Nashville-based production partners Evolve Studios.

The Yoga Book 9i by Lenovo. Image courtesy of Lenovo.

The Yoga Book 9i is constructed for creative endeavors, coming equipped with dual PureSight 2.8K OLED touch displays that can seamlessly switch between apps and projects, and run multiple apps simultaneously. 13th Gen IntelCore processors and an Intel Evo platform ensure that multitasking does not compromise the laptop’s performance, connectivity, or battery life. The Yoga Book 9i will be back in stock soon at lenovo.com.

The Yoga 9i by Lenovo. Image courtesy of Lenovo.

The Yoga 9i is a 2-in-1 laptop also powered by the IntelEvo platform & 13th Gen IntelCore processor. Thin a lightweight, the Yoga 9i is multipurpose, able to be used as a laptop, stand, tent, or tablet for at-home and on-the-go usage. With an OLED PureSight display and Dolby Vision with up to 4K resolution, users can have the ultimate entertainment experience. The Yoga 9i retails for $1,349.99.

“I’m so excited to be partnering with Lenovo to create this visual representation of my music,” said Sanchez in a press release. “It’s been so much fun to experiment with new ways to bring the world of Angel Face to life — I can’t wait to take everyone behind the scenes with this livestream.”

“At Lenovo, we are always looking for innovative and creative ways to showcase our mission and inspire the next generation of creators with the power of our technology,” said Gerald Youngblood, Chief Marketing Officer, Lenovo North America. “Over the last several years we have showcased several artists and helped them to share their creative vision with their fans and the world. We are thrilled to partner with such a talented artist such as Stephen Sanchez and play a role in bringing his music to life.”

CASIO Adds GWGB1000 MUDMASTER to Iconic Master of G Line

Video courtesy of CASIO G-SHOCK.

Meet the GWGB1000 MUDMASTER, the newest timepiece to enter CASIO’s Master of G line. The flagship watch is inspired by adventure spirit, exemplified by a design that incorporates the solid, rugged look of off-road vehicles and survival gear.

The GWGB1000 timepieces all contain G-SHOCK technology. They employ a newly developed guard structure that combines components made with different materials: forged stainless steel with diamond-like-carbon DLC coating for the bezel ring, upper and lower bezel guards and front button guard, and carbon fiber-reinforced resin for the left and right-side button guards. The GWGB1000 is also solar-powered and has a multi-band, six radio-controlled timekeeping triple sensor (Altimeter/Barometer, Thermometer, Compass), adding to its appeal in outdoor settings.

The new series contains three new analog-digital timepieces: the GWGB1000-1A, the GWGB1000-3A, and the GWGB1000-1A4. The timepieces will retail for $800 and will be available on Friday, October 13.

Theranica To Present Nerivio, A Migraine Neuroband for Adolescents, at the CNS

Video courtesy of Theranica.
Nerivio by Theranica. Image courtesy of Theranica.

Neuromodulation therapeutics company Theranica will present Nerivio at the 52nd annual Child Neurology Society (CNS) Meeting at Booth #209 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nerivio is the first and only dual-use (acute and preventive) migraine neuroband purpose-built for adolescents with migraine disease, which affects 1 billion people worldwide, 10 percent of which are children.

Many prescription medications used for migraine treatment were not originally developed for or evaluated in adolescents. As a result of this, these medications can be poorly tolerated and have disruptive side effects for this age group. Enter: Nerivio by Theranica, a remote electrical neuro stimulating device that is FDA-cleared for prescription, self-administered use in the home environment at the onset of migraine or aura.

“Our goal at Theranica has always been focused on addressing significant unmet clinical needs,” said Alon Ironi, the CEO and co-founder of Theranica, in a press release. “We’ve taken a simple approach: address the problem without creating new ones, and focus on developing migraine therapy that’s safe, easy to use, and is proven to work in adolescents. As a father of a daughter diagnosed with migraines, I was personally determined to achieve this goal.”

“At this year’s CNS Meeting, we will present new clinical data that shows how the Nerivio migraine neuroband can empower adolescents to safely and effectively prevent and treat migraine, allowing them to fully participate in daily activities,” explained Alit Stark-Inbar, Theranica’s Vice President of Medical Information. “Massive real-world evidence continues to demonstrate how Nerivio can provide a personalized foundation for complete migraine care as adolescents transition into adulthood.”

Nerivio will be presented at the CNS Product Theater as part of the presentation, Adolescent Migraine: From Burden to Treatment, on Thursday, October 5th, 1PM – 2 PM PST in the Vancouver Convention Centre Exhibit Hall.