Home Business News CE Today 08/30/23: IFA News from Shokz, Dreame Tech, & Yaber

CE Today 08/30/23: IFA News from Shokz, Dreame Tech, & Yaber

CE Today 08/30/23: News from Shokz, Dreame Tech, & Yaber

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Shokz to Introduce Latest Fully Wireless Earbuds at IFA Berlin 2023 

Video courtesy of Shokz.

Global consumer electronics brand Shokz is set to introduce their newly launched OpenFit fully wireless earbuds, at IFA Berlin 2023. OpenFit now features multipoint pairing, allowing users to connect their earbuds between any two devices via Bluetooth through the Shokz app, available on the App Store and Google Play.  

The brand is renowned for its open-ear headphones. With a dolphin arc ear hook design, the OpenFit wireless earbuds by Shokz are ergonomically designed to adapt to any ear shape so they stay secure and in place. The OpenFit also features an 8×11 customized dynamic driver unit, composed of an ultralight diaphragm made of carbon fiber and a polymer surround to ensure a dynamic and immersive listening experience. They operate on up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge and offer up to 28 hours of listening time with the charging case. OpenFit wireless earbuds also have IP54 water resistance. 

What distinguishes the OpenFit wireless earbuds from other Shokz headphones is its DirectPitch technology, which transmits sound via air conduction. This bypasses the need to push in an earbud for greater sound accessibility because the direction of the sound is amplified toward the ear canal. DirectPitch used in conjunction with Shokz’s bone conduction technology and open-ear design ensures high-quality sound while maintaining situational awareness and safety. The DirectPitch and Bone Conduction technologies will both be showcased at IFA along with the OpenFit wireless earbuds. 

The OpenFit fully wireless earbuds are available for $179.95. 

Dreame Technology Will Unveil Wireless Roboticmower at IFA Berlin 2023 

Image courtesy of Dreame Technology.

IFA Berlin is renowned for being an exhibition ground for visionary innovations in the consumer electronics and appliances sectors, and the high-end cleaning appliance brand Dreame Technology is joining in with its upcoming wireless robotic lawnmower. Known for its line of robotic cleaning appliances, Dreame Technology is expanding to the outdoors with the Roboticmower A1, which will be showcased to the public at IFA Berlin from September 1-5.  

The Roboticmower A1 by Dreame Technology incorporates 3D high-precision lidar technology, expanding the detection distance of the robotic lawnmower up to 70 meters and its viewing angle to 360 degrees by 59 degrees. As a result, the robotic lawnmower can instantly and accurately create a 3D map of a variety of outdoor environments without losing signal. It uses point cloud data environmental information collection technology along with an obstacle-avoidance algorithm to enable the Roboticmower A1 to identify over 11 common obstacles in a garden. The Roboticmower A1 achieves efficient and uniform lawn care by using U Path Planning and OmniSense 3D Ultra Sensing System by Dreame. According to data from Dreame laboratory, the A1 can tackle a 1000 square meter garden in one day.  

The Dreame Roboticmower A1 is expected to enter the European and North American markets in early 2024, according to a press release. To see the Dreame Roboticmower A1 firsthand at IFA Berlin 2023, visit Dreame Technology in Hall: City Cube_A, Stand: CCA-209. 

Experience Smart Entertainment & Lifestyle with Yaber at IFA Berlin 2023

Yaber’s Smart Entertainment & Lifestyle booth at IFA Berlin 2023. Image courtesy of Yaber.

Yaber, a smart consumer electronics brand, will showcase a variety of products at this year’s IFA Berlin. The brand will present products such as the K2s smart entertainment projector and Laresar L6 Nex robot vacuum to demonstrate the integration of smart technology into everyday life.  

The K2s projector by Yaber. Image courtesy of Yaber.

According to a press release, Yaber’s Smart Entertainment & Lifestyle at IFA Berlin 2023 “integrates audio-visual entertainment electronics and smart consumer devices within homes, enabled by Amazon Alexa and voice control technology, thus crafting an elevated smart entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem for consumers.” Attendees will have the opportunity to take full advantage of this experience and Yaber’s products, including playing VR games with VR glasses on the K2s projector. 

To experience Yaber’s product offerings at IFA Berlin 2023, visit Hall: 20, Stand: 208. To see the full list of Yaber’s products that will be showcased at IFA Berlin 2023, visit www.yaber.com/pages/ifa.