Home Business News How SMBs Can Utilize the Metaverse to Showcase Products

How SMBs Can Utilize the Metaverse to Showcase Products

How SMBs Can Utilize the Metaverse

As we reported yesterday, the metaverse has been a major focus of the SXSW conference. The metaverse simply refers to an online experience that blends the digital and physical worlds while facilitating social interaction. As Lindsey Mazza, global retail supply chain domain leader at Capgemini describes the metaverse in an interview with Forbes: “it’s just a digital place to hang out… it’s an immersive experience, one where we spend time and gather with friends and relatives to create new experiences that are both digital and physical.”

So, what potential does it hold for retailers? Major metaverse platforms such as Roblox provide brands with the opportunity to create their own virtual worlds for customers to interact with. Brands that have already hopped on this trend include Forever 21, Chipotle, Verizon, and Nike. However, use cases for the metaverse extend far beyond large-scale in-game development projects. SMBs can also blend the digital and physical worlds by introducing AR into their eCommerce platforms. From appliances to gadgets utilizing AR will allow customers to get a feel for how products they are interested in will interact with a space. 

SXSW, the massive film, tech, and music conference featuring innovators and business leaders from around the digital world, is in full swing down in Austin, TX. Be sure to stay up to date with our website for the latest coverage from the event. 

In other news, Gibson Custom Shop, maker of electric guitars, has announced the release of the “Theodore,” which is the first guitar to be released as part of the Gibson Archive Collection. The “Theodore” is based on a concept drawing done by former Gibson president Theodore McCarthy back in 1957 that was never produced. The release of the first collection in the archive will be limited to only 318 guitars. The “Theodore” package will include a brown hardshell exterior and pink interior, a leather strap, and a print of Ted McCarty’s original signed drawing of the guitar.

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