Home Business News Does Apple Have What it Takes to Takeover the Smart Home?

Does Apple Have What it Takes to Takeover the Smart Home?

Does Apple Have What it Takes to Be a Challenger in the Smart Home?

According to reporting from Fortune, Apple is in the process of designing and releasing a suite of products aimed at the smart-home market. The move comes as an attempt to challenge the success enjoyed by the Amazon Echo and Google Nest products, which enjoy 70 percent and 20 percent respectively. Apple has already released an updated HomePod smart speaker and is rumored to have a tablet product designed for smart homes in the works. As part of its increased focus on the smart-home market, Apple has revealed that its new products will also support Matter compatibility.

In other news, despite low expectations for eCommerce during the holiday season, it was this retail sector that posted the largest year-over-year gains to the tune of 9.9 percent. By comparison, in-store retail floundered dragging overall year-over-year gains from the holiday season down to a 1.1 percent decrease in 2022 after a successful 13.5 percent boom in 2021.

In regards of what to expect as we head into 2023, Scott Sureddin, CEO of DHL Supply Chain, said in an interview with CNBC: “I have never seen inventory levels like this and after the first of the year, retailers can’t continue to sit on this inventory so the discounts they’ve been pushing will have to continue.”


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