Home Business News National Job Security at a 50-Year High, Per St. Louis Fed

National Job Security at a 50-Year High, Per St. Louis Fed

National Job Security at a 50-Year High, Per St. Louis Fed

The tight labor market is nothing new. It has been a fixture of the last 12 months and has led to 50-year highs for employee job security. According to data compiled by the St. Louis Federal Reserve, new claims for unemployment benefits in March of 2022 have reached the lowest levels since 1968 at a meager 1.1 jobless claims per 1,000 people in the workforce. By comparison in April of 2020, that figure was a whopping 29.82 per 1,000. 

This aggressive shift in workforce trends has forced companies to adopt new strategies for handling labor dynamics. In an article for The Wall Street Journal, Erica Groshen, a former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, said: “Companies tended to have more caution on the side of hiring than on the side of layoffs… I think right now they have a more balanced caution. The balance has tilted a little bit to paying attention to the risks of laying people off.”

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