Home Business News Sony Releases New Accessories for its Professional Drone 

Sony Releases New Accessories for its Professional Drone 

Sony Releases New Accessories for its Professional Drone 

Sony Electronics has announced the release of a new suite of upgrades and advancements for its Airpeak S1 drone. The new accessories aim to enhance the precision, performance, and reliability of the drone for a wide range of applications. The new lineup of products includes a Real Time Kinematic Kit that furthers the drone’s capabilities for industrial applications, a new advanced and lightweight gimbal, and an enhanced battery. Sony has also released an update to the Airpeak’s software, which will now provide support for the newly released products, as well as display and notification functions to improve usability. 

In other news, Nikon has released a new ultra-wide angle lens made specifically for content creators and vloggers. The NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR is a lightweight lens that features an extremely versatile zoom range, from an ultra-wide angle 12mm to 28mm. The ultra-wide angle lens allows content creators to dynamically change-up the frame smoothly and consistently. The lens is the first NIKKOR Z that utilizes a power zoom with linear drive, which provides a smooth optical zoom. 

Lastly, HOOKII has launched a new parallel mowing robotic lawnmower. The Neomow S has tons of awesome functions, including parallel mowing for double the coverage, a stoppage point to reduce repeated mowing areas and a management app that lets users choose mowing modes and schedule. It also features rain detection sensors and IPX5 waterproofing. 


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