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Hisense, Lenovo, LG, Acer, and More Unveil New Lineups at CES

New Product Releases for CES 2022

THE DAILY SCOPE, 1/4/22: CES 2022 is now in full swing as a result we have decided to do a special edition of The Daily Scope to keep you up to date with some of the exciting new tech and product announcements coming out of the event. Almost every hour, new lines of products are getting released and it’s important for independent retailers to know what’s out there in order to make informed stocking decisions. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad has come a long way since the company debuted the first generation of the device back in 1992 and at CES 2022 this classic is taking another big jump in regards to sustainability. The new ThinkPad Z13 and Z16, which were released at 11am Eastern this morning, are available in black, bronze, or arctic gray. These 30th-anniversary laptops have all the typical features of the ThinkPad, including red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard, but feature sustainable materials such as 100-percent recycled aluminum or 100 percent recycled vegan leather, as well as a more boxy and stylish design than the more classic X1 carbon series. The company’s focus on sustainability extends to the packaging, which is made from compostable bamboo and sugarcane, and utilizes an AC power adapter made of 90% post-consumer content. But don’t get it twisted, these devices are functional as well as sustainable. Both were designed in collaboration with AMD with the Z13 featuring the new AMD Ryzen 7 PRO processor and the Z16 featuring the new AMD Ryzen PRO H-Series processors. The devices also feature the highest screen-to-body ratio in the ThinkPad portfolio at 91.6 percent for the Z13 and 92.3 percent for the Z16.

This morning, Hisense also unveiled its new 2022 lineup of products including the company’s top-of-the-line U9H series, which introduces Mini LED technology to Hisense’s 2022 lineup. The U9H utilizes the Mini LED technology to reach 2,000 nits of peak brightness and more than 1,280 full-array local dimming zones, which provide the viewer with a uniform and detailed picture. The new 2022 product releases also feature upgrades to Hisense’s U8H, U7H, U6H, and Google TV lineups, all of which include low-latency modes that make them ideal for gaming. Hisense has also unveiled the new L9G TriChroma Laser TV, which adds Dolby Vision technology to the company’s premier award-winning ultra-short-throw projector. Finally, Hisense is taking to the big screen with the 100- and 120-inch  L5G 4K Smart Laser TV, which features a blue light laser to produce images that exceed the standard 4K color range to deliver a cinematic quality viewing experience. The L5G 4K Smart Laser TV also has ultra-high-speed HDMI and eARC audio capabilities, which allows the users to reproduce original full resolution audio to a soundbar or audio receiver.   

In other news, BlackBerry has officially discontinued service on all devices not running on Android software. This development, enacted today, signals the end of the iconic Blackberry smartphone known for its physical keyboard and BBM messaging system. At its peak in 2009 and 2010, BlackBerry commanded 20 percent of the global smartphone market and sold roughly 50 million smartphones per year. BlackBerry’s stubbornly stuck with its physical keyboard even as the iPhone and its touchscreen keyboard  rose in popularity. Even though the BlackBerry physical keyboard was a favorite of fast and prolific typists, it did not offer the onscreen real estate that a more versatile touchscreen does. The BlackBerry was eventually surpassed in sales by iOS devices in 2011, just four years after the first iPhone was launched.  As we all know, the rest is history. As of today, any BlackBerry device, including the BlackBerry 10 that operates off of BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier, will no longer function. These devices won’t be able to connect to data, make phone calls, send SMS messages, or call 9-1-1. That this news comes out in the midst of a flurry of CES 2022 headlines is a bit sad for fans of this iconic and groundbreaking device, which is going out with a whimper rather than a bang.  

Finally, Aura Air, manufacturer of smart air purifiers, has launched the Aura Web Platform, which gives businesses from hotels and schools to offices and retailers a platform to manage and monitor multiple Aura Air purification systems at once. With the Aura Web Platform, users can receive real-time alerts and recommendations via the Aura Rating function, which tracks CO, CO2, VOC, PM.2.5, PM10 and climate. This lets businesses and workers be proactive in improving and maintaining indoor air quality. The Aura Web Platform also integrates with third-party services and building management systems to ensure a safe working environment.


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