Home Business News CE Today 7/27/23: News from Casio, Netcore, and Hollyland

CE Today 7/27/23: News from Casio, Netcore, and Hollyland

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Casio Unveils GW9500 MUDMAN: A New Benchmark in Durability and Functionality for Extreme Conditions

The latest addition to the Master of G Series is the MUDMAN GW9500 by Casio America, Inc. It represents the pinnacle of endurance in the face of extreme conditions and was designed for professionals in demanding environments. The GW9500 boasts a solid and rugged design with a slimmer profile and enhanced readability, incorporating cutting-edge glass-cutting techniques and a Carbon Core Guard structure for exceptional rigidity.

The Duplex LCD significantly reduces bulk while maintaining improved functionality. With a focus on sustainability, the watch’s case, bezel, and soft urethane band are crafted with bio-based resins sourced from renewable organic resources. Equipped with Triple Sensor technology, the MUDMAN offers a digital compass, barometer/altimeter, and thermometer to monitor natural changes accurately. G-SHOCK’s legacy of toughness continues with features like shock resistance, dust and mud-resistant construction, 200M water resistance, Tough Solar, and Multiband 6 Radio-controlled timekeeping. The GW9500 collection is available for purchase now, with each variant retailing for $380, and will be widely available from August 2nd onwards.

Netcore Cloud Partners with Senheng App to Deliver AI-Powered Personalization for Enhanced Retail Experiences

Global MarTech provider, Netcore Cloud, has teamed up with Malaysian consumer electronics retailer, Senheng App, to enhance retail experiences using AI-based site search, merchandising, and personalization solutions. By integrating Netcore’s Unbxd products, Senheng App aims to provide advanced site search, personalized browsing, and targeted product recommendations to boost customer engagement and drive their digital transformation.

Hollyland Introduces VenusLiv: The Ultimate Camera for Live Streaming

Hollyland has launched VenusLiv, its first live streaming camera tailored for live shopping, online courses, and podcasting. Combining convenience, quality, and innovation, VenusLiv stands out with its innovative cooling system, ensuring robust stability during long-term use.

The camera supports RTMP and UVC capabilities, enabling easy streaming on various platforms without external capture cards. VenusLiv’s aerospace-grade heat dissipation system prevents overheating, allowing uninterrupted 24/7 live streaming. The camera’s advanced features include fully automatic, high-speed follow focus, 6x hybrid zoom, and advanced color tuning for precise customization. With a price tag of $999, VenusLiv aims to provide a professional live streaming experience without compromising on image quality or performance.