Home Business News Casio Launches Line of G-Shock Watches Inspired by Gaming 

Casio Launches Line of G-Shock Watches Inspired by Gaming 

Casio Launches Line of G-Shock Watches Inspired by Gaming 

Casio has unveiled a new line of its popular G-Shock watches that are inspired by the world of gaming. The Gamer’s RGB collection features four watches that are shock and water resistant, and feature a stopwatch, countdown timer, full auto calendar, multi-function alarms and date and month display swapping. The collection has two different face displays that took inspiration from gaming devices. One display boasts a rainbow vapor deposition on the dial face that recalls the illumination of a gaming PC. The other display has multicolored highlights whose bases are matte black with fluorescent red, blue, and yellow accents. 

In other news, Palmer Digital Group, Samsung and IoTecha Corporation have partnered on a new electric vehicle charging kiosk. The kiosks feature Samsung’s OH series displays, IoTecha’s advanced EV charging technology and Palmer Digital Group’s durable integrated solutions. The three companies worked together to bring fast and reliable charging stations to EV drivers, while offering businesses a chance to visually engage with their customers. The new kiosks produce a maximum power of 19.2 kW at 80 amps per charging port, which is the fastest and most cost-effective level 2 charging experience. 

Lastly, Hailo has announced a new family of high-performance vision processors that were designed to integrate with intelligent cameras. The Hailo 15 family are edge artificial intelligence processors that use computer vision and deep learning video processing to deliver cutting-edge performance. The new processors have plenty of applications in different industries, such as manufacturing, transportation and city operations.  


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