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CE Industry Leaders Share Their Insights on Business Today

What’s been happening in the last couple of months in your business sector?  

Robin Raskin: What hasn’t been happening? The events business transformed overnight from one that was mostly in-person live events to one that was mostly online and virtual events. As we emerge from the pandemic, the scales will shift to events that are essentially digital-first, with in-person meetings that are smaller and more intimate.

Toni Sabatino: The last couple of months in the home remodeling, building and specifically kitchen and bath sector have been interesting, to say the least. The pandemic created new needs, exposed flaws at home as well as challenges in vital supply chains. Appliances, spray foam and other building materials have been in short supply, and lead times have increased. The home has become much more vital to our way of life than ever before. Working from home, home school and all the other activities that the pandemic has forced us to do in our personal spaces — cooking more, working out, entertaining ourselves and storing all that we need to accomplish these goals — has posed new challenges to many, for sure! Problems with IT, network and broadband issues have also surfaced as people scramble to use the internet for EVERYTHING! Communication, shopping, streaming, social networks as well as work and school from home have forced many to make needed adjustments in their infrastructure.

Dawn Pratt: Wow! The technology sector has been rapidly changing during COVID, creating so many new ways to do business. There have been accelerated trends we’ve seen at mass scale. [We at] Global Training & Events Group are happy to be providing a global platform to stay up to date with these advances.

I have to admit that I, myself, even have a hard time keeping up with the daily advancements in the technology business, given the speed at which we’re seeing new offerings! This speed of innovation, of course, is a beautiful thing. Our current offerings include Tech Up Talks Webinar Series, Tech Up for Women Conferences, and Tech Trends weekly updates, all of which help keep everyone up on the latest trends.

What excites you most about the next two months as it relates to your business? What most concerns you?

Robin Raskin: Same answer to both questions. I pivoted and took a big bet on the ongoing sustainability of every company having a virtual component to their traditional events. And I pivoted further to believe I could create an organization at the center of it for all the stakeholders, as they make digital part of their core business strategy. Normally not the gambling type, I guess I’m now old enough to believe in myself enough to make this happen. If not now, when, as they say.

Toni Sabatino: I am excited about the home becoming the haven. I see that homes need to nurture inhabitants, and the “smart home” has become a realistic goal for so many people. Innovations in operating systems, addition of voice control, integration of security and safety as well as “smart appliances” make the home design business and the world of technology ever more intertwined.

Dawn Pratt: As we come out of the pandemic, there are excellent opportunities to “refresh” how everyone does business through the use of technology. I am particularly watchful and passionate about the technological advances in the medical sector as we collectively fight a truly global pandemic. What most concerns me is that it will take longer for us all to get back to working together again, face to face.

What is the most important thing for our readership to know about your business?  

Robin Raskin: We’re building a community for everyone who cares about making better virtual events, now and in the future. It has newsletters, meetups, reviews, and networking that are spawning this new industry.

Toni Sabatino: The kitchen and bath business are evolving. Business models are changing. While certain showrooms will always have a place, people are becoming more confident in working remotely and shopping online. The team approach, dedicated to creating a great user experience for the client as well as a smoother construction phase process, is also becoming more common. Networking between trades has become more important as we have not been able to meet in person at trade shows. The designers have also realized how necessary integration of technology has become to the success of projects as well as their business.

Dawn Pratt: We provide “tech up” opportunities to advance yourself and your business. The world is changing so fast, new technologies are evolving rapidly, and we all need to find new ways to grow ourselves, our careers, and our companies. Our Tech Up For Women, techupforwomen.com and Tech Up Smart Buildings, techupsmartbuildings.com are creating new ways to find these resources to stay current.