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Presenting the 2022 Dealerscope IMPACT Award Winners


Dealerscope’s annual IMPACT Awards recognize exceptional products in the consumer electronics industry that are innovative, practical, most importantly, help to drive sales on the showroom floor and online. 

The variety of product categories runs the gamut from appliances and accessories to hardware, gadgets, and services. The main stipulation was that all products be new. 

This year’s awards were chosen by tallying the votes of our entire team here at Dealerscope, with four special editors’ awards chosen by individual editors. 

With that in mind, we proudly present to you the 2022 IMPACT Award winners. 

Acoustic Research DUO Wireless Speaker 

AR’s DUO Wireless Speaker/Earbuds takes the concept of all-in-one, pioneered in other sectors of consumer technology, and successfully adapts it with equal success here. It combines three highly desirable functions — wireless speaker, Bluetooth 5.1 earbuds, and integrated charging case — in a small-footprint product. Result? Hours of listening pleasure. And its integrated carabiner only increases the appeal.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: After Inc

After, Inc. QuickSuite 

This multi-module warranty platform is a problem-solver on several levels at every point in the post-sale cycle. In brief, its elements include QuickReg QR-based product registration technology; QuickCover software that allows businesses offering protection programs to offer service contracts online across all eligible products; QuickClaim, which keeps track of events related to product returns; QuickInsight analytics software; and QuickRenew, which helps companies send replacement products to customers on defined cycles. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Allstate Protection Plans

Allstate Protection Plans Express 

Allstate Protection Plans, formerly known as SquareTrade, offers protection plans for retailers and e-commerce partners, applying to everything from consumer electronics products to appliances to furniture. The plans utilize an API known as Falcon API, making it easier for retailers to avoid complexities that have prevented them from offering such plans before.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Beko DDT39434X CornerIntense Dishwasher

Beko Home Appliances DDT39434X CornerIntense Dishwasher 

The Beko DDT39434X is one of nine dishwashers in a lineup that features CornerIntense, a Beko-patented technology that replaces the traditional circular spray arm with a rectangular design to deploy water and detergent to every spot in the washtub – even the corners. CornerIntense, EverClean, DeepWash, and SelfDry are new technologies that combine with Beko’s existing features to create this powerful and convenient dishwasher. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:  Canon dual fisheye lens

Canon’s RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens 

This lens imitates the immersive VR experience with its 190-degree field of view. During filming, the user will feel as though they are wearing VR goggles, which eliminates the need to sync and stitch multiple video files to create an immersive VR video. 

FIBBR Prime A8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cable 

This FIBBR product is for installs where rugged cable is a must. It has a “shield” of armor with zinc alloy and aluminum alloy housing that protects internal fiber and copper wires – succeeding where less well-shielded wires might fail. It is designed to support massive 48Gbps bandwidth, and multiple signals, including 8K (7680 x 4320) at 60Hz and 4K (3840 x 2160) at 120Hz; Dynamic HDR; HDCP 2.2/2.3; 12-bit RGB 4:4:4; and Dolby Vision — and eARC is also supported. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: FlexShade Zip 

FlexShade Zip 

From Draper Inc., comes the FlexShade Zip, an outdoor shade that can be integrated directly into smart home systems. This outdoor shade is designed to be used on windows, patios, or pergolas. When fully deployed, the FlexShade Zip leaves no gaps, which creates a space that is not only glare-proof but also resists rain, wind, and insects.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:

Hisense L9G TriChroma Laser TV 

Hisense’s latest ultra-short throw projection TV is the L9G TriChroma Laser TV, which features the company’s TriChroma laser engine. The company says that the TV’s red, green, and blue laser light sources offer more color than even OLED TVs, and it can project an image of up to 100 inches, on one of two offered screen options. The L9G runs the Android TV OS platform, with access to all major streaming apps.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:

Legrand Vantage LHUMAN Human Centric Lighting 

The Vantage LHUMAN human-centric lighting solution mimics the Earth’s natural lighting cycle indoors, giving homeowners complete control of the lighting in their homes and on their schedules. LHUMAN integrates lighting control, motorized window shading, and color-tunable lighting fixtures to harness natural light when it’s available or render it artificially when it’s not. Vantage lighting control is also included, which works with a range of color-tunable lighting fixtures to provide full-color control and dimming capabilities. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset 

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset features a whopping 300 hours of battery life, which amounts to over a week of continuous gaming in between charges. The headset features the HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers that deliver a range of audio clarity to give gamers precise spatial audio. Moreover, users can also utilize HyperX NGENUITY software to check battery life and customize audio options such as tuning the equalizer.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:

LG CordZero All-in-One Tower Auto Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum 

Cleaning no longer feels like a chore with this vacuum, which easily converts into a handheld vacuum for those hard-to-reach areas. Meanwhile, its docking station not only charges but also has places for tools and extracts dust into its bin. Both the filter and the cyclone system are washable, which removes the need to buy replacement filters and reduces the amount of waste produced. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:

LG PuriCare AeroTower Air Purifying Fan 

This product, which was featured as part of LG’s CES keynote, is many things at once: An air purifier, combined with a cooling fan and heater. Not only does the product provide pure air, especially for those working at home, but it features UVnano technology, which can kill bacteria. It can even be controlled with the LG ThinQ app.  

LG UltraGear 48GQ900 

LG UltraGear 48GQ900 

The UltraGear 48GQ900 is LG’s latest gaming monitor. This monitor utilizes OLED technology, which can produce colors encompassing 98.5% of standard color gamut DCI. The OLED technology also yields higher speeds for gaming and eliminates the halo effect caused by LCD monitors. The UltraGear 48GQ900 is also equipped with HDMI 2.1 capability to support VRR and syncs the Hz of the display to pair with the frame rates of connected hardware creating a seamless gaming experience.   

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Orro One Pro

Orro One Pro 

A unified, smart home living system in the form of a standard-sized light switch, Orro One Pro is a revolutionary system designed with human-centric technology. Along with being compatible with most other smart home systems, the Orro One offers lighting and home control with a touchscreen interface, voice-activated controls, and daylight and motion-sensing technologies. This way the Orro One can react to the surrounding light, offering more illumination when needed and saving energy overall. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: RoadKing Voice-Activated Hands-Free CB Radio

RoadKing Voice-Activated Hands-Free CB Radio 

CES often features new spins on older, established technologies, and that’s certainly the case with the CB Radio. RoadKing is offering a new, voice-activated version of the truck cabin staple, which is meant to pair with the RoadKing 940 Bluetooth headset. The product comes with an external handheld microphone, a seven-color display, and NOAA weather alerts.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Samsung’s Bespoke Four-Door Flex Refrigerator

Samsung’s Bespoke Four-Door Flex Refrigerator 

This customizable refrigerator comes in eight color options (white glass, sky blue glass, grey glass, navy glass, rose pink glass, champagne rose steel, navy steel, or matte black steel) and consumers can choose any color combination they want. The lower right space can be converted to a fridge or freezer through the settings, which is helpful when you run out of freezer space. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung The Frame TV 

Samsung’s newest The Frame TV has only gotten better than earlier versions. It has 10 times more image capacity, and is 45.6 percent more svelte than before. It sports a new beveled-edge bezel style and edgy new color choices like Brick Red. There’s a shelf add-on option. And, best of all, as an on-demand art curator, it “learns” the owner’s tastes and suggests artwork to fit his or her aesthetic.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Samsung Terrace Full Sun

Samsung Terrace Full Sun 

Samsung’s Terrace Full Sun 4K QLED TV is weather-resistant, durable, and as feature-filled as the best Samsung indoor TVs — with the benefit of its enhanced panel being optimized for vivid, full-color performance in direct sunlight, boasting 1,700-plus-nit brightness levels. It is the industry’s first outdoor TV to be verified for outdoor visibility performance by Underwriters Laboratories. This set sports an anti-glare screen, and the TV is IP55-rated, ensuring it will withstand the elements regardless of outdoor conditions. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Sharp Home Appliances Built-in Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven

Sharp Home Appliances Built-in Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven 

The Sharp 24-inch Built-In Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven boasts innovative dual convection fans for turntable-free baking, roasting, grilling, and air frying. For optimal smart home compatibility, the microwave drawer works with the Sharp Kitchen app and Amazon Alexa. Other features include touchless “easy wave open” technology, bright LED lighting, built-in airflow, and concealed touch-glass controls. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Shokz OpennComm UC

Shokz OpenComm UC 

The  OpenComm UC from Shokz is the upgraded version of the OpenComm headset. The OpenComm UC added a USB-A Wireless Adapter to create increased compatibility with work devices. The headset also features a DSP noise-canceling boom microphone to provide professional quality audio no matter where the user may be calling into a work meeting from. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Shokz OpennComm Stereo Bluetooth Headset 

Shokz OpennComm Stereo Bluetooth Headset 

OpennComm Stereo Bluetooth Headset from Shokz is designed for people who need professional-quality audio and communication services while on the go. The headset features 16 hours of talk time and bone conduction technology to deliver high-quality audio to the user while leaving them in tune with their surroundings.    

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Signature Kitchen Suite Undercounter Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer 

Signature Kitchen Suite Undercounter Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers

Unique to this refrigerator/freezer from SKS are two drawers that operate independently and can be used as either a refrigerator or freezer, depending on the homeowner’s need. This unique refrigerator redefines food storage due to its precision for preservation and its convertible drawers, which include six Multi-Temp Settings: Pantry, Fridge, Bar, Seafood, Meat, or Freezer. The unit is designed to minimize temperature fluctuations and help keep food fresher and longer with flexibility from -7 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Technology Platform 

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Technology Platform 

You may know the Sleep Number bed, but the company’s new platform offers advanced sensing capabilities, which can monitor the user’s sleeping habits over the long term, even as such habits change. It can even notify the sleeper of illnesses and other conditions. It even raises the bed when the user is snoring. The product was developed with the help of over 13 billion hours of proprietary sleep data.  

2022 Dealerscope Impact Awards: Speck Presidio Pro Folio

Speck Presidio Pro Folio

Presidio Pro Folio from Speck is an all-in-one solution for organizing and protecting Apple’s MagSafe charging system, which was released back in 2020. The folio case holds and protects the MagSafe charging station for carrying around but then converts into an adjustable stand that can be used to charge the iPhone (and also prop it up for desktop use).

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Victrola Revolution GO Portable Rechargeable Record Player

Victrola Revolution GO Portable Rechargeable Record Player  

It seems like record players have been “back” for nearly as long as they were gone. But Victrola is out with a new take on the category, combining old technology with new. The Revolution GO is a portable and rechargeable Bluetooth record player that users can take on the go. It also allows users to play their records through Bluetooth or headphones. It even comes with a guitar strap, for carrying it around.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Withings ScanWatch 

Withings ScanWatch 

The ScanWatch from Withings is a smart wearable that is designed to monitor health metrics to catch issues such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation in early stages. The smartwatch is FDA cleared for both ECG and SpO2 measurements and performs a heart rate scan every ten minutes using a PPG sensor. On top of monitoring cardiovascular health, the ScanWatch also functions as a fitness wearable, sleep monitor, and smartphone.   

Editor’s Choice Awards: 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards:  LG Signature OLED 8822 

LG Signature OLED 88Z2 

This 88-inch TV provides nonpareil picture quality that lives up to its ultra-large-screen real estate. With it, LG has again proven to be a master of OLED engineering. Central to its impressive performance is the LG Alpha9 Gen5 8K AI Processor, featuring Deep Learning AI using algorithms to seek out picture elements to optimize through backlight adjustments. Its 4.2-channel sound system also auto-optimizes audio based on the content playing on the screen – the icing on the cake.  

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: LG UltraGear 17G90Q  PC 

LG UltraGear 17G90Q  PC 

The  UltraGear 17G90Q  is the first gaming laptop to come from electronics manufacturer LG. The laptop is anchored by an 11th generation 8-core CPU and NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card, which make for quick and precise gameplay. Gamers can also fully customize their RGB keyboard and get into games with built-in 2-way speakers. This product will be available to purchase starting in early 2022. 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Multo Cooking Pal

Multo CookingPal 

This do-it-all cooking device is sort of a blender on steroids, or is it a souped-up food processor? It defies categorization, which is why we picked it for an award. Not only can this blender with a built-in scale and heating mechanism knead, steam, sautee, and, or course blend, but it is bad-cook-proof thanks to a database of step-by-step recipes that run from a Bluetooth-connected tablet. Experienced cooks can also benefit from its multi-cooking function capabilities. Never be stuck at the stove again stirring risotto for 45 minutes; CookingPal will do it for you! 

Dealerscope 2022 Impact Awards: Obra


Music can be made anywhere you go with Orba, a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller. Users can layer drum, bass, chord, and lead parts to create beats and songs to play back through the built-in speaker; or, they can listen through headphones. The synth engine can be controlled through gestures: Users can tap, press, spin, radiate, tilt, shake, slide, vibrato, move, and bump to make music.