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Yelp Cracking Down on COVID-19 “Review Bombers”

Yelp Clamps Down on Review Bombers

The pandemic may have made people spend more time on their technology, but that doesn’t mean they were putting that time to good use. According to recent data released by Yelp, the online forum company had to take down 161 percent more reviews regarding COVID-19 content in 2021 than it had to in 2020. The 15,500 review takedowns come as the company fights back against “review bombers” who are angry that a particular business is following public health requirements such as mandating masks and checking vaccine cards. Moreover, 25 percent of the negative reviews flagged under this company policy came as a response to news on recent local safety measures rather than from a negative interaction with the business. This regulatory step protects businesses on Yelp and ensures that reviews are based solely on customer experience. 

In other news, TuSimple, a manufacturer of autonomous semi-trucks, has announced that shipping company Union Pacific will be the first customer to use its automated trucking service starting this Spring. The proposed route will extend from the Union Pacific freight depot in Tucson to a distribution center in Phoenix. This is an important inaugural step for TuSimple, which is working to capture the emerging market for autonomous shipping with plans to supply automated trucks to behemoths such as DHL, UPS, and Canadian National Railway.  

Home Depot is planning to hire 100,000 workers in preparation for the Spring shopping season, during which people break out of hibernation and look to spend more time outside. Home Depot plans on hiring across almost every sector ranging from customer services and sales roles to positions in transportation, merchandising, and warehouse operations. The home improvement behemoth is hiring roughly 20,000 more associates than the typical 80,000 team members it hires for the Spring season, suggesting that the retailer expects demand in 2022 to be busy.


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