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Neat Introduces New App Platform and Collaboration Device

Neat Board 50

Neat, the video technology company, is revolutionizing the modern workplace with its new app platform and collaboration device. The Neat App Hub Ecosystem allows third-party business applications like Slack and Miro to be accessed on Neat devices, promoting seamless teamwork and creativity. Businesses can choose from a range of curated apps and even integrate them into Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. Neat Pulse, a cloud-based subscription service, provides IT administrators with easy deployment and management options for Neat devices and applications.

Alongside the app platform, Neat introduces the Neat Board 50, an all-in-one collaboration device. With its adaptable screen and mobility, the Neat Board 50 acts as a digital canvas for creative and collaborative sessions. It allows for the simultaneous use of different apps on multiple devices, enhancing the collaboration experience. Neat has partnered with companies like Slack, Miro, and SharingCloud to deliver comprehensive workplace solutions. Neat Pulse will be available from July 31, while the Neat Board 50 is open for pre-orders, starting at $5,990, with shipping scheduled for October.