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IFA IMB Offers Exciting Preview of Berlin 2023

The highly anticipated IFA Berlin 2023 recently hosted the IFA Innovation Media Briefing (IMB), offering a glimpse into the future of consumer electronics and household appliances. Leading brands and industry leaders showcased key trends at the event, whether in person or through the virtual live stream. Companies like Samsung, Miele, and Liebherr provided sneak peeks into groundbreaking innovations set to transform daily life.

Oliver Merlin, the Managing Director of IFA Management GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Innovation is the lifeblood of our industry; in fact, it is the lifeblood of human society. It is also at the heart of IFA Berlin 2023, where the companies and products on show have the power to transform every aspect of people’s daily lives – how we work, how we entertain ourselves, how we connect and how we live and love. We very much look forward to welcoming journalists, key brands and our partners to the Innovation Media Briefing, where we will be able to give a first glimpse of the innovation on show at IFA Berlin 2023.” 

The IMB also focused on topics such as the shift to a circular economy and the significant impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Panel discussions explored the relationship between humans and AI, while immersive technologies redefined interactions with the world. Sustainability and responsible AI adoption were key themes. The event provided valuable data and insights from industry experts, marking a new era for IFA Berlin under joint management by gfu and Clarion Events.

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