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Gramophone Unveils Luxury Retail Experience Center

Gramophone Unveils Revolutionary Luxury Retail Experience Center in Maryland

Gramophone, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, has announced the grand opening of its groundbreaking Gramophone Experience Center in Timonium, Maryland. This innovative showroom features prestigious audio brands such as Focal Powered by Naim, McIntosh, Sonus faber, and Bang & Olufsen, offering visitors a unique and immersive luxury retail experience. With carefully curated audiovisual displays, including hidden theaters, virtual windows, and state-of-the-art audio systems, the Experience Center showcases the seamless integration of design and technology.

Gramophone’s CEO, Andrew Davis, expressed his pride in the elaborate showroom, stating, “The Gramophone family is extremely proud to open our finest and most elaborate showroom to date. The new space presents real-world, highly desirable solutions for integrating design and technology. The showroom is conceived as a journey that takes visitors through various displays of art-like wall sculptures, high-performance listening systems, headphones, and automation in real-world scenarios.”

The Gramophone Experience Center is a testament to Gramophone’s commitment to excellence in audio and visual quality. Visitors can explore the Focal Powered by Naim store, audition high-end McIntosh audio products paired with Sonus Faber speakers, immerse themselves in the signature sound and design of Bang & Olufsen, and enjoy a surround sound experience in the hidden theater. The center also features the Virtual Window, a large-scale immersive video experience powered by Sony, allowing users to enjoy a wide selection of content from around the world. The Gramophone Experience Center promises to inspire and captivate customers while showcasing the seamless fusion of technology, design, and entertainment.