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CE Today 11/10/23: News from Hisense, G-SHOCK, and GIGABYTE

CE Today 11/10/23

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Hisense Unveils Delectable Series Fridges

Hisense is set to make a significant impact in kitchen appliance market with the introduction of the Delectable Series fridges, combining artistic flair with functionality. This series comprises two exceptional models – the Hisense H450BDW-WD (Combi) Refrigerator and the Hisense H670SDK-WD (Side By Side) Refrigerator. The former, available in Khaki and White or Pure White, boasts a premium glass door design and streamlined handle, adding an understated sophistication to modern kitchens. The latter, also in Khaki and White or Pure White, goes beyond mere storage, featuring an ultra-slim water dispenser, frostless technology, soft LED lighting, and low noise operation. Both models redefine the role of a refrigerator, transforming it from a functional necessity to a stylish statement.

Image courtesy of Hisense.

The Delectable Series emphasizes meticulous details, from streamlined handles to charcoal-colored water dispensers, showcasing Hisense’s commitment to blending art and functionality. These refrigerators are a testament to Hisense’s belief that a fridge should reflect taste and style, serving as a work of art. Whether choosing the H450BDW-WD or the H670SDK-WD, consumers are not just acquiring kitchen appliances but welcoming art and functionality into their homes. The Delectable Series represents Hisense’s dedication to redefining beauty and utility in kitchen appliances, offering a perfect amalgamation of elegance and practicality.

Casio Unveils Limited Edition GCWB5000UN Series

Casio America, Inc. proudly introduces the groundbreaking GCWB5000UN series, the first-ever full carbon timepieces in the iconic 5000 series line. Embodying the unchanging square form of the original G-SHOCK model, DW5000, these premium watches utilize three types of carbon materials – forged carbon, carbon fiber reinforced resin, and multi-layered carbon – resulting in an exceptionally lightweight and stylish timepiece. The GCWB5000UN-1 features a monochromatic midnight black design, while the GCWB5000UN-6 sports a rugged fuchsia with a textured pattern symbolizing G-SHOCK’s toughness mentality.

Full Carbon

Celebrating the brand’s 40th anniversary, the watches showcase a unique textured forged carbon design, G-SHOCK 40th-anniversary logo, thick band, and non-reflective coated sapphire crystal. Weighing only 64g, these limited edition models also offer advanced features like solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth® and radio control, a Super Illuminator for enhanced readability in the dark, and special 40th-anniversary packaging. Priced at $2,000, the GCWB5000UN-1 and GCWB5000UN-6 are available at select retailers starting November 9.

GIGABYTE’s Acclaimed 4K Tactical Gaming Monitors

GIGABYTE, a leading computer brand, has received widespread acclaim for its cutting-edge 4K tactical gaming monitors, including the M27U, M28U, M32U, and M32UC models. Tailored for powerful mainstream graphics cards, these monitors feature HDMI 2.1 ports, refresh rates of 144Hz or higher, and exclusive tactical functionalities, earning praise from both consumers and tech experts. The lineup caters to diverse preferences with specifications ranging from 27-inch to 32-inch flat and curved displays. Notably, the M27U, a 27-inch monitor with a 4K IPS panel and a remarkable 160Hz refresh rate, has been recognized as the “Best Mid-Range Monitor For PS5 and Xbox Series X” by RTINGS. The M32U, a 32-inch model, earned the title of “Best Monitor of 2023” for its overall performance.

GIGABYTE 4K Tactical Gaming Monitors Lead the Pack and Receive Widespread Acclaim

The M32UC, known for its immersive curvature and rapid response time, has been hailed as the “Best Mid-Range Curved Gaming Monitor” by RTINGS and the “Best Affordable 4K Gaming Monitor” by PC Gamer. GIGABYTE continues to respond to community feedback by introducing user-friendly Arm Edition variants for the M28U and M32U models, featuring a stand-free, VESA-compatible arm design for optimized desktop space. The monitors also boast exclusive Tactical Features, including Black Equalizer 2.0, Aim Stabilizer, OSD Sidekick, and Game Assist, providing gamers with a competitive edge. With the motto “PLAY 4K. PLAY 4 WIN,” GIGABYTE invites gaming enthusiasts to explore their impressive monitor lineup on their website.