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Anker Announces New Addition to Soundcore Earbud Line

Yesterday, Anker announced the latest entry in its Soundcore earbud line: the Liberty 4. These earbuds feature a “stick” design and have dual dynamic drivers. They also include 360-degree spatial audio tracking and active noise cancellation. These are pretty solid audio features for a product that only costs $149.99. The Liberty 4s also includes a heart rate sensor that tracks data throughout the day. Battery life depends on how the earbuds are used, with nine hours being the highest capacity. The Liberty 4 earbuds are available now on Soundcore’s website. 

In other news, Apogee Electronics has launched a new entry-level audio interface called the Apogee BOOM. It’s a 2 x 2 interface that connects via USB-C and offers 24-bit/192kHZ resolution. The inputs in the BOOM accept input up to +18dBu. the mic preamps can reach 62dB of gain and the headphone output is zero-ohm. This product has been designed with many features for high-quality audio recording as well as live streaming. The Apogee BOOM is available for $299.99.

Finally, on the EV front Arrival has announced that it has produced its first battery-electric van. Arrival is a UK-based startup that has a goal of delivering electric vans to consumers. Presently, however, the company is focused on boosting production rather than selling the vehicles. “Today is an important day for Arrival. This is the first time a vehicle has ever been built in our Microfactory, using a new method that does not use a traditional assembly line. Although we have not yet achieved serial production, we are focused on making it happen. We will continue to produce vehicles in our Microfactory in order to master at-scale production,” said Denis Sverdlov, Founder and CEO at Arrival, in a statement on the company’s website


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