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YouTube Partnering with Shopify to Introduce New Shopping Features

YouTube is partnering with Shopify as it introduces new shopping features for creators. Creators will now be able to display products throughout their YouTube channels, such as during livestreams or below videos. They will also have the ability to link storefronts and directly sell products via Shopify, with synced inventory so out-of-stock products will be visible to viewers. Another feature will allow viewers to purchase items without ever leaving the platform — solving one of the larger barriers to previous YouTube shopping.

In addition to those features, YouTube is expanding commerce options within live-streaming. Eligible creators will be able to tag products within livestreams — something that other platforms like TikTok and Facebook have been doing for some time now in various parts of the globe. The demand for livestream shopping outside of China is not a tremendously popular tool, however, with TikTok scaling back its livestream shopping in Europe and the U.S. due to slow uptake.

It’s not a huge surprise that YouTube is scaling up its commerce options. This year has seen expansions across several social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and many more with the intent of ramping up shopping features. But with how much content there is on YouTube across so many interests, it could soon be a booming shopping platform for creators, and potentially third-parties as well with these new features. All that said, don’t be surprised when creators’ product ads start showing up more frequently than in the past.