Home Business News CE Today 11/3/23: News from ROKFORM, Kitchenaid, and McLEAR

CE Today 11/3/23: News from ROKFORM, Kitchenaid, and McLEAR

CE Today 11/3/23

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ROKFORM Introduces Rugged Case for Google Pixel 8 Pro

Image courtesy of ROKFORM.

ROKFORM has unveiled the Rugged Case designed for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, providing a combination of durability, style, and lightweight protection for both everyday use and adventurous pursuits. ROKFORM’s CEO, Jeff Whitten, expressed enthusiasm about extending their best-selling Rugged Case to Google Pixel 8 Pro users, emphasizing its unmatched protective capabilities and convenience. This case boasts a state-of-the-art multi-magnet system, offering up to 3 times stronger grip for MagSafe-compatible accessories, as well as compatibility with Google Pixel’s wireless charging.

With military-grade drop protection, enhanced camera safeguards, and responsive buttons, the Rugged Case manages to offer superior protection without sacrificing slimness for daily usage. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with ROKFORM’s RokLock™ mounting system, allowing secure attachment to their various mounts for cars, bikes, motorcycles, and golf equipment. The ROKFORM Google Pixel 8 Pro, along with its magnetic and twist-lock accessories, is now available.

KitchenAid Introduces New KitchenAid Go™ Cordless System

KitchenAid is making a significant foray into the cordless small appliance market with the introduction of the KitchenAid Go™ Cordless System, which includes six innovative cordless small appliances, namely the KitchenAid Go™ Cordless Hand Mixer, Hand Blender, Food Chopper, Personal Blender, Coffee Grinder, and Kitchen Vacuum. A standout feature of this system is that all these tools are powered by one removable, rechargeable battery, providing a cord-free and powerful experience in the kitchen. This versatile system caters to a wide range of culinary needs, simplifying meal preparation and reducing countertop clutter.

Image courtesy of Kitchenaid.

Notable products in the lineup include a cordless hand mixer with Soft Start™ feature, a hand blender with variable speed control, a cordless chopper with one-click assembly, a personal blender with a specially designed blade for frozen ingredients, a coffee grinder, and a compact kitchen vacuum for quick cleanups. Additionally, KitchenAid offers a separate battery and charging dock for convenience. These cordless appliances are designed to enhance flexibility and convenience for home cooks and are available both with and without the battery.

McLEAR Unveils RingPay 2 Silver and Limited Edition Stealth Rings

McLEAR has annoucned two exquisite additions to its RingPay collection: “RingPay 2 Silver” and the exclusive limited edition “RingPay 2 Stealth.” These remarkable smart rings redefine the intersection of fashion and contactless payments. RingPay simplifies the payment process by allowing users to effortlessly complete transactions with a simple wave of their hand, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods, be it at restaurants, bustling markets, or for transportation.

Image courtesy of McLEAR.

“RingPay 2 Silver” exudes elegance and innovation with its precision-crafted silver design, seamlessly merging style and functionality, while the limited edition “Stealth” ring, in matte black, epitomizes minimalist sophistication. Both rings feature a thinner, narrower, and lighter profile for a comfortable fit. Setting up and managing RingPay is a breeze through the user-friendly RingPay mobile app, allowing users to add Visa or Mastercard funding sources, offering both manual and auto top-up options. Operating securely on the VISA network, RingPay ensures robust protection for financial transactions, and in case of loss, users can instantly freeze their ring via the mobile app. McLEAR’s RingPay 2 Silver and RingPay 2 Stealth represent the future of effortless, stylish, and secure payments, continuing to innovate in merging style, convenience, and security.