Home Business News CE Today 7/19/23: Victrola & Austere, Oppo, and EnGenius

CE Today 7/19/23: Victrola & Austere, Oppo, and EnGenius

CE Today 7/19/23

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Elevating Audio Excellence with Victrola Wireless Turntables and Austere Premium Accessories

Austere Vll Series \\ Power 4-Outlet With Omniport USB, 45W USB-C PD & 20W USB-C PD Ports withe Victrola Stream Carbon Works with Sonos Turntable – a perfect pairing of performance, function and design.

Austere, a renowned manufacturer of premium home theater accessories, has announced an exciting partnership with Victrola, a leading vinyl record player manufacturer known for its turntables and music-related products. As part of this collaboration, select Austere products, including V Series RCA Audio Interconnect Cables, VII Series and III Series surge protectors, will be featured in the Accessories section on Victrola’s website.

These high-quality Austere products are positioned as ideal companion pieces for Victrola’s innovative wireless turntables, such as the Victrola Stream Carbon Works with Sonos and Victrola Stream Onyx Works with Sonos, offering consumers an integrated solution for playing vinyl with their Sonos systems. The CEOs of both companies expressed excitement about this partnership, emphasizing the shared passion for enhancing consumer experiences with cutting-edge technologies and stunning design. With Austere’s expertise in power and connectivity products, and Victrola’s legacy in creating lifelong music memories, the collaboration aims to provide flawless audio solutions that exceed expectations.

OPPO Unveils Reno10 Series and IoT Offerings with Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System and Premium Features

OPPO has unveiled its latest Reno10 series, including the Reno10 Pro+ 5G, Reno10 Pro 5G, and Reno10 5G, along with two new IoT products, the OPPO Pad 2 and the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro. The Reno10 series introduces a groundbreaking Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System, offering pro-level portrait imaging experiences in a slim, lightweight design. The Reno10 Pro+ 5G stands out with its 64MP telephoto portrait camera, while all models feature advanced camera capabilities and fast-charging, long-lasting batteries. OPPO’s ColorOS 13, based on Android 13, provides smart and secure experiences, and the Reno10 series supports IR Remote Control for smart devices. Alongside the Reno10 series, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro wireless earbuds and OPPO Pad 2 tablet offer exceptional audio quality and an immersive visual experience, providing customers with a range of premium options.

Reno 10 Series

OPPO’s tenth generation Reno series, together with its IoT offerings, promises to elevate the user experience to new heights. The Reno10 Pro+ 5G, in particular, stands out with its Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System and slim design, making it the slimmest smartphone with a periscope camera on the market. The camera system’s image processing architecture and Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 platform deliver impressive image clarity and true-to-life images. The ColorOS 13 on the Reno10 series enhances performance and fluency, and the inclusion of OPPO’s Battery Health Engine and SUPERVOOC S Power Management Chip ensures powerful, safe, and long-lasting battery performance. The IoT products, OPPO Enco Air3 Pro and OPPO Pad 2, offer exceptional audio quality and an immersive reading experience, adding more options for users looking for premium smart devices. With its focus on innovation, OPPO continues to strive towards delivering products that enrich the lives of its customers.

EnGenius Unveils World’s First Cloud Wi-Fi 7 Series for Enterprises with ECW536 Access Point

EnGenius Technologies introduces the world’s first Cloud Wi-Fi 7 connectivity series designed for enterprises, with the launch of the ECW536. Powered by the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 platform, this 4x4x4 Wireless Access Point delivers unmatched performance, scalability, and efficiency for enterprise-level environments. Embracing the next-generation Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be) Standard, the ECW536 achieves ultra-fast aggregate speeds of up to 18.8 Gbps, setting new benchmarks in wireless connectivity. With advanced features like 4x4x4 MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and 10 GbE Port PoE++, the ECW536 ensures optimal signal and reception reliability even in high-density deployments. Additionally, EnGenius’s centralized EnGenius Cloud platform simplifies management and deployment, offering enhanced security with enterprise-level encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive data and protect the network from unauthorized access. The ECW536 is expected to be available for purchase in early Q4 of 2023 through authorized EnGenius resellers and distributors.

Advanced EnGenius Cloud Management

EnGenius Technologies takes a groundbreaking step forward in wireless networking with the ECW536, the world’s first Cloud Wi-Fi 7 4x4x4 enterprise-level access point. Leveraging Wi-Fi 7 technology, the ECW536 delivers lightning-fast speeds, scalability, and efficiency for bandwidth-intensive applications and data-intensive environments. With support for the latest industry standards and backward compatibility, seamless integration into existing networks is ensured, making transitions to the next wireless technology generation effortless. Through the centralized EnGenius Cloud platform, businesses can easily manage and deploy ECW536 access points, streamlining provisioning, configuration, and firmware updates. The ECW536 prioritizes network security, offering comprehensive security features and encryption protocols for protecting sensitive data and maintaining a secure network environment. EnGenius Technologies’ collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies allows customers to benefit from the latest Wi-Fi 7 innovations, delivering high-performance networking optimized for demanding high-density environments.