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Tech Up For Women Conference Goes Virtual With Panels, Webinars, and Networking

Tech Up for women online conference set up

The male-dominated tech industry will see a change in the future because more women are getting involved with technology. Women have been scarce in the tech industry for the past few decades, but avenues are opening up for them. The global Tech Up for Women Conference is an all-day event to help women advance their careers by hearing experts speak about the future of tech and connecting with other women in the tech business. “This event started with a woman who said she wanted to learn new technology to advance her career,” said Dawn Pratt, Tech Up For Women’s founder and managing partner. The Tech Up for Women organization is also a larger platform that hosts career and recruitment fairs and conducts the Tech Up Talks webinar series, which is focused on helping women advance their tech knowledge. “Technology is constantly growing and is an important factor to career growth,” said Pratt, “the mission of Tech Up for Women was to spread the belief that knowledge of tech is critical for every career journey”. 

The conference will be virtually streamed from New York on Tuesday, November 16th from 9:30am – 6:30pm ET and registration is open to all genders. Keynote speakers include Jessica Jensen, the current CMO at Indeed and Sabina Ewing, who used to work at Pfizer in an IT position before moving on to becoming the Vice President of Business and Technology Services at Abbott. Discussions cover, among other topics, the growth of AI, digital health, cyber security, and career advancements in tech. Attendees have a wide variety of panels to choose from, including “Where is Digital Health Going?,” with Barbara Salami, VP of Moderna; “Engineering Innovations” with Kristen Kavanaugh & Valerie Workman from Tesla, “How technologists & nonprofits can partner to deliver lasting impact” with Jen Carter, Product Manager from Google, and The Power of Mentorship to Build Next-Gen Tech Leaders” with Michelle Crossan-Matos, SVP Chief Marketing & Communications Officer & Seth Brown from Samsung Electronics America. Attendees will also have the option to attend breakout rooms, where they can go more in depth with panelists as they discuss different topics. Lastly, Tech Up for Women has a virtual network expo for people to make new connections from 4-7 pm on January 13th 2022, which gives people a great chance to advance their careers and get advice on what companies are looking for. If you’re a woman who is interested in working in the consumer electronics industry or technology in general, or just want to improve your tech know-how or advance your career, this event could be a great opportunity to hear advice from experts and peers who have been through it already.