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Meta Joins New Partnership to Add Grocery Shopping to WhatsApp

In an e-commerce venture Meta is joining in a partnership with Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail — both Indian companies — to add grocery shopping to WhatsApp to boost commerce options and revenue on the popular messaging app. Indian WhatsApp users can browse the grocery catalog of JioMart, then add items to their cart and pay, never having to leave the app. While this feature is only available in India right now, should this measure prove successful, it will not be surprising to see it expand elsewhere around the globe. 

In other news, as Philips Hue continues its innovation in the smart lighting industry, the company is releasing a new line of LED-based lightbulbs. This new line of Bluetooth- and Zigbee-enabled bulbs is called the Lightguide line and one of the most newsworthy pieces of information on the Lightguide is the price of each bulb — $75. This is definitely an elite line of smart bulbs, but enthusiasts of smart home technology will surely be excited for the Lightguide line. In this line are oversized dimmable smart lightbulbs made for open light-style fixtures and come in three shapes, designed for adjustable mood lighting.

Finally, on the gaming front, last week it was announced that the price of Sony’s PlayStation 5 would be raising around the globe — except in the United States. The PS5 is not by any means the only piece of tech to face rising prices in recent months, but it is the latest in the growing trend of substantial price increases. While this price increase has not been announced in the U.S. yet, it will not be surprising if it is soon. So if you haven’t gotten your hands on a PS5 yet, you might want to hurry.


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