Home Business News YouTube to Test New Shopping Features on Shorts Platform 

YouTube to Test New Shopping Features on Shorts Platform 

YouTube to Test New Shopping Features on Shorts Platform

YouTube has announced that it will begin testing new shopping and affiliate marketing features on its Shorts platform. The new features will allow creators to tag products from stores and earn a commission from what they sell. Users will be able to click the tagged links and shop for the products directly through the Shorts platform. The features, which will be rolled out in 2023, will only be available in the United States, Canada, India, Brazil and Australia. YouTube shorts recently got its own tab and now has over 1.5 billion users each month. 

In other news, Leica has partnered with watch and e-commerce company Hodinkee on two new special edition cameras. The Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee variant boasts a grey, cowhide leather cover that is specially coated to protect the camera. The top cover and lens come painted in a light grey, but unlike most Leica cameras, the iconic red Leica logo has been deliberately omitted. The second variant, the Q2 “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee, has Leica lettering imprinted on the top cover, as well as two engravings in the display glass. Only 150 of the Q2 “Ghost” Set will be made worldwide. The Q2 “Ghost” will cost $5,795 and the Q2 “Ghost” Set will be available exclusively on the Hodinkee website. 

Lastly, car manufacturing company Lucid has unveiled two new luxury electric vehicle models. The Lucid Air Pure has an EPA estimated range of 410 miles, while the Lucid Air Touring has an EPA estimated range of 425 miles. The Lucid Air Pure will be available for the price of $87,400 and the Lucid Air Touring will cost $107,400. 


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