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CE Today 12/11/23: News from TECNO, Littlebird, & Blacklyte

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TECNO Unveils Cutting-Edge Imaging Technologies at Future Lens 2023

TECNO recently held its annual signature event, Future Lens 2023, in Shanghai, unveiling three groundbreaking imaging technologies for the upcoming year. These innovations include a W-shaped Adjustable Physical Aperture, addressing backlight challenges with manual aperture adjustment; an Industry-First Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens, utilizing voltage to dynamically adjust lens curvature for compact design and precision in capturing details; and an AI-powered Universal Tone multi-skin tone imaging solution, representing the industry’s most advanced technology for inclusive imaging.

The event featured keynote speeches and a panel discussion with experts from TECNO, Sony, and Amateur Photographer, emphasizing the event’s significance as a platform for global imaging insights. TECNO’s commitment to user-centric innovation and collaboration with industry leaders positions the brand at the forefront of smartphone imaging, promising continuous efforts to redefine the consumer experience and break new boundaries in imaging excellence.

Littlebird Marlon: Pioneering Breakthrough in Child Health Technology

Littlebird Connected Care, rooted in the tech-savvy environment of Seattle, proudly introduces the Littlebird Marlon, a pioneering cellular-enabled digital health wearable tailored exclusively for young children. The Littlebird Marlon, certified for its focus on pediatric health, leverages T-Mobile’s network to provide reliable connectivity and unprecedented insights into children’s well-being, redefining how parents and caregivers monitor and engage with their little ones.

Award-winning and backed by T-Mobile, Littlebird is redefining digital health for kids with transformative patents.

Designed with advanced features and an intuitive interface, the Littlebird Marlon represents a new era in digital health for children, fostering a lifeline between parents and their youngsters. Monica Plath, Founder & CEO of Littlebird Connected Care, emphasized the partnership with T-Mobile as a commitment to real-time, connected care. The device is set to transform the landscape of child digital health, offering VIP access in select markets in spring 2024, with a comprehensive rollout later in the year.

Blacklyte Unveils New Smart-Gaming and Lifestyle Innovations at CES 2024

Canadian-founded entertainment company Blacklyte is making a splash in the smart-gaming, lifestyle, and tech sector with its range of ergonomic chairs, stand-up desks, Pixel-boards, and the unique RGBUV LIGHTSTRIP. Launched in 2021, Blacklyte aims to revolutionize entertainment experiences by integrating technology into everyday life, allowing customers to customize their spaces according to their lifestyle preferences.

After a successful soft launch in Fall 2023 and partnerships with industry giants like Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and Intel, Blacklyte is set to officially debut at CES 2024. The company’s 3,200 sq. ft. booth at CES will showcase immersive experiences, including live podcasts, game-streaming rooms, a DJ booth, office settings, and spaces for influencers and media content creation. Positioned in the Smart Home Category at CES, Blacklyte is poised to leave a lasting impact on the global smart home market.