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CE Today 11/29/23: News from Sony, G-SHOCK, and Savitech

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Sony Semiconductor Solutions Unveils High-Resolution SWIR Image Sensors

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) has unveiled the IMX992 short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) image sensor for industrial applications, boasting the industry’s highest pixel count at 5.32 effective megapixels. Utilizing SSS’s proprietary Cu-Cu connection, it achieves the smallest pixel size among SWIR sensors at 3.45 μm. The sensor’s optimized pixel structure facilitates high-definition imaging across a spectrum from visible to short-wavelength infrared regions. The IMX992 introduces new shooting modes for reduced noise in low-light conditions compared to conventional products.

Image courtesy of Sony.

Additionally, SSS will release the IMX993 with similar features. These SWIR sensors respond to the increasing demand in industrial equipment for seamless wide-spectrum imaging, catering to processes like semiconductor wafer bonding, defect inspection, and quality control in food production. The sensors offer higher resolution through pixel miniaturization and improved performance in low-light environments, contributing to enhanced precision in inspections and monitoring applications, ultimately boosting industrial productivity.

Casio G-SHOCK Marks 40th Anniversary with Limited-Edition MT-G Special

Casio America Inc. celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand with the special release of the MT-G series, presenting the MTGB2000YR1A, a limited-edition model under the theme of “City Illumination.” Inspired by the vibrant glow of city skylines, this advanced timepiece features an intricate Dual Core Guard structure, a multi-colored and multi-layered carbon frame, and rainbow coloring. The watch incorporates various CMF techniques, including layered and machined carbon and glass fiber for the bezel frame.

Photo courtesy of G-SHOCK.

Boasting technical capabilities like solar-powered timekeeping with Bluetooth control, Super Illuminator for low-light visibility, and shock resistance, the MT-G Special: City Illumination model is a blend of innovation and style. Limited to 600 pieces, it comes in eco-friendly packaging and retails for $1,450.

Savitech Unveils LHDC ONE Hi-Res Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Savitech introduces the LHDC ONE Hi-Res Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, a groundbreaking wireless audio solution setting new standards for clarity and fidelity. This innovative device, compatible with USB-C-equipped devices, including the latest iPhone 15 series, delivers end-to-end master tape audio quality without wires. Powered by the LHDC Hi-Res codec, it enables audio transmission up to 24bit/192kHz with adaptive data rates, low total harmonic distortion, and LE Audio support for efficient transmission. The transmitter, offering low latency as low as 80 milliseconds, caters to users across Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Image courtesy of Savitech.

With a Kickstarter launch and an introductory price of $30 USD, the LHDC ONE aims to make high-resolution audio accessible to a broader audience, showcasing Savitech’s commitment to audio innovation and user support. The campaign seeks to reach a funding goal of $1000, emphasizing Savitech’s dedication to enhancing the audio experiences of users globally.