Home Business News CE Today 11/20/23: News from OpenRock, Govee & Evie Ring

CE Today 11/20/23: News from OpenRock, Govee & Evie Ring

CE Today 11/20/23: News from OpenRock, Govee & Movano Health

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Introducing the S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds by OpenRock 

Open-ear audio solutions provider OpenRock announced today the release of its latest innovation: the S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds.

The S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds in Sand by OpenRock. Image courtesy of OpenRock.

The earbuds combine TubeBass technology and 16.2-millimeter dynamic drivers to seamlessly integrate into concentrate soundwaves and direct them into the ear canal, creating an ergonomic multi-cavity acoustic system that boasts a deep bass capacity and astounding sound performance. Different modes and settings further enhance the listening experience for the user. With ‘Rock Mode,’ the dynamic audio algorithm adjusts the bass and treble in the earbuds during fast-paced workouts. ‘Relax Mode’ creates a calm environment for low-intensity activities.  

Customizable ear hooks made with skin-friendly silicone allow users to adjust the earbuds to their unique ear shapes and ensure that they stay in position even during rigorous exercise while maintaining comfortability. The OpenRock S earbuds have an impressive 19 hours of playback on a single charge and 60 hours with the charging case. Other features include an IPX5 waterproof rating, AI four-mic noise cancellation, and the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology.  

The OpenRock S Open-Ear Air Conduction Sport Earbuds are available for $89.99 in the colors Black and Sand.  

Visit the Stars with the Govee Galaxy Light Projector Pro 

Govee, a provider of smart lighting and smart home innovations, has unveiled the Galaxy Light Projector Pro. Using eight enchanting projection discs that offer more than 38 preset lighting effects, two dynamic laser motion forms and built-in audio features, this cosmic new projector uses cutting-edge technology and disc projection to display the wonders of the universe in users’ homes.  

The Galaxy Light Projector Pro by Govee. Image courtesy of Govee.

The Galaxy Light Projector Pro has an innovative structural design that takes its interstellar images to new heights. White lamp beads project the included discs, while the RGB light beads deliver the preset lighting effects. Three groups of laser projections and two types of movement allow users to utilize the dynamic laser star point effect for an immersive universe projection. The projector light also features rotating projections, a multi-stage precision gear design and a 32.7 minimum non-repetitive projection screen to enhance the vividness of the lighting effects. The Galaxy Light Projector Pro is also smart-capable. Simply use the Govee Home App for convenient control or pair with a voice assistant for hands-free voice control via Google Home and Alexa. 

The Govee Galaxy Projector Pro is available now for $179.99. 

Evie Ring, a Smart Ring Designed for Women’s Health, Is Available to Order 

Video courtesy of Evie Ring.

Movano Health unveiled today that its much anticipated and award-winning innovation Evie Ring is now available to order. The Evie Ring is an innovative new smart ring that is designed to help women track their health and fitness through big-picture data interpretation rather than activity and performance scores.  

Biometric sensors embedded on the inside of the ring monitor sleep, activity, temperature trends, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and more. Users can track these metrics and log information such as moods, menstrual cycles and accompanying symptoms, and sleep quality in the Evie app, giving users greater knowledge, understanding and control over their health.  

The app allows users to set daily and weekly activity and recovery goals in five different areas: active minutes, steps, calorie burn, sleep and mood/symptom logging. Each day’s activities and recovery are aggregated into a single graphic that dynamically displays the user’s progress toward each goal, enabling real-time status tracking and delivering a more holistic view than other wearables. Evie Ring also uses a custom AI tool to find correlations between different data types and shares trends with users via the app, informing them of their health and helping them find ways to address it or optimize their lifestyles. 

Evie Ring has an award-winning open design that takes into account the body’s natural fluctuations throughout the day, allowing wearers to adjust the ring’s size for optimal comfort. The ring is also composed of scratch-resistant Liquidmetal that maintains the three stunning finishes, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Evie Ring has over four days of battery life on just 60 minutes of charging and comes with a portable charging case capable of holding more than 10 ring charges. 

The Evie Ring retails at $269 and will ship to customers in January 2024.