Home Business News Oasys Kicks Off First-Ever Event with a Focus on Business Development

Oasys Kicks Off First-Ever Event with a Focus on Business Development

Oasys Kicks Off First-Ever Event with a Focus on Business Development

Key members and vendors of Oasys, formerly known as HTSN, have taken over Nashville for the first-ever event under the Oasys brand. As is to be expected, the event’s agenda is jam-packed with educational keynotes and intimate 1:1 networking opportunities.

Jason Sayen, founder of the business consulting company I AM SAYEN, kicked off the inaugural festivities with a powerful keynote about the need for custom integrators to visualize their operational procedures through workflow documentation.

Sayen opened the keynote with a challenge to the audience, asking them to reflect on whether they are “working in [their] business or on [their] business?”

According to Sayen, the difference between the two is immense. “If you’re working in your business, you could be back home pushing through the friction, just telling everybody what they need to do to get the job done. However, working on your business is when you take a step back and say all right, what’s not functioning in my business? Where can I make improvements so that I can grow and scale?”

One approach is reactive while the other is proactive. To analogize, working in your business is like putting out a fire after it’s started while working on your business is like installing a smoke detector so that you can cut the fire off before it gets the oxygen needed to grow. 

The second question Jason asked the audience is how do you preserve the decades of knowledge present in a critical employee or founder if you lose them to a competitor or sickness?

Sayen elaborated on this point when he said: “I go to these conferences and when we have breaks I see a group of people rush out in the hallway to get on the phones. They’re putting out fires because the business can’t run without them and that’s a sheer sign that processes have to be put in place.”

And, even if you aren’t about to lose a critical member of your team, having your company’s standard operating procedures, delegation of duties, and core employee responsibilities clearly laid out helps with the onboarding process of new employees and scaling your business.

He went on to elaborate that processes “help manage the chaos. It’s gonna provide accountability…It’s important that everybody understands all aspects of the business, that transparency can do wonders for you. That’s all gonna lead to higher employee satisfaction. People do want to know what they’re accountable for and what their job is supposed to be. They don’t want to have to figure it out. You don’t want them to have to figure it out and figure out a different way than what you want and all that leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Having that information in a centralized place with a clear and easy-to-follow is critical to creating a lasting and self-sufficient system.

According to Sayen, the way to do this is “with a visual… You’re literally creating a blueprint or a map on what it is you need to create. By doing so, you’re going to actually create stuff you need versus just creating a bunch of random documents.”

This process of reflection and process documentation laid out by Sayen has been extremely pertinent to the Oasys team during the rebranding process from HTSN.

In regards to the rebranding process, Hank Alexander, Director of Oasys, told Connected Design in an exclusive interview: “I learned a lot about myself in the process. When we were filling out the papers for our branding agency, we started to define what the group means, where we’re going, and what our journey has looked like… I had a great time doing it.”