Home Business News CE Today 08/16/23: News from Midland, Zero Zero, & Lumos

CE Today 08/16/23: News from Midland, Zero Zero, & Lumos

CE Today 08/16/23: News from Midland, Zero Zero, & Lumos

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Midland Radio Releases Two New Heavy-Duty External Speakers 

Midland Radio announced the release of the 20-Watt SPK100 external speaker and the 20-Watt SPK200 amplified external speaker. The two-way radio communication technology manufacturer is known for producing two-way radios, weather alert radios, and emergency radio technology that can be utilized in various environments and industries. The SPK100 and SPK200 external speakers continue this tradition by delivering high-quality sound and ensuring seamless communication in the toughest environments. 

The SPK100 external speaker. Image courtesy of Midland Radio.

The external speakers are built to provide high-quality audio no matter the environmental conditions or circumstances. The SPK100 and SPK200 both have an IP67 waterproof rating and come equipped with 1.5-ft cables for multiple mounting options. This convenience is further enhanced by both speakers’ compatibility with the MicroMobile Radio line and CB two-way radios, in addition to other two-way radios with a 3.5-mm output. As a result, the SPK100 and SPK200 are integrated nicely into existing Midland Radio communication systems. 

The SPK200 amplified external speaker. Image courtesy of Midland Radio.

The SPK200 has noise-cancellation technology that operates at three levels, with each enhancing noise-cancellation performance to suit users’ preferences and environmental conditions. Embedded in the SPK200 is also Midland Radio’s new AI chip that reduces lower frequencies to deliver clear sound for communication purposes. 

Both speakers are available for purchase through Midland Radio’s official website. The SPK100 external speaker is priced at $69.99 and the SPK200 amplified external speaker is priced at $129.99. 

Self-Flying Camera by Zero Zero Launched for Direct Sales 

Video courtesy of Zero Zero Robotics.

Zero Zero’s pocket-sized self-flying camera, the HOVERAir X1, is available for direct sales after successful Indiegogo and Indiegogo InDemand campaigns that raised over $1.7 million from more than 5,000 backers. A company that specializes in embedded AI technology for use in intelligent devices, Zero Zero created the HOVERAir X1 to be a user’s aerial camera companion. 

The HOVERAir X1 is compact and lightweight, fitting in the palm of a user’s hand. Weighing in at 125 g, its portability is enhanced by its foldable design. With a three-second launch and landing mechanism, it contains five pre-programmed flight modes to provide cinematic shot options for every user, including Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, and Bird’s Eye. The HOVERAir X1 has 2.7K@30fps, 1080p@60fps, and 1080P HDR video-recording capabilities. It also includes burst mode to capture motion and a triple stabilization system to guarantee smooth videos. To ensure stability during flight, the self-flying camera utilizes Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) technology and a Time of Flight (ToF) laser altitude determination system. The HOVERAir X1 also makes sure the user is not lost with the help of face, body, and motion tracking to identify the user. 

The HOVERAir X1 is currently on sale for $399.00. 

Lumos Tech Partners with Connecticut Sun for 2023 WNBA Season 

Video courtesy of Lumos Tech.

Sleep technology company Lumos Tech has joined with the Connecticut Sun basketball team in a strategic partnership to shed some light on sleep wellness in the sports industry. LumosTech partnered with the Connecticut Sun to provide sleep solutions and wellness to their coaching and support staff with its Lumos Smart Sleep Mask

Based on Stanford research and backed by NASA, the Lumos Smart Sleep Mask offers personalized, patented low-intensity light therapy to users for the purpose of managing internal circadian rhythms. Also known as the body’s internal clock, circadian rhythms regulate a variety of bodily functions, including the sleep cycle. These personalized light therapy programs are based on users’ individual needs when it comes to their sleep cycle. The mask is adept at alleviating the effects of jet lag when crossing time zones, a problem that comes along with traveling alongside a professional sports team. 

“Our partnership with the Connecticut Sun provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the potential of the Lumos Sleep System in a high-performance environment,” said Dr. Biquan Luo, Founder and CEO of LumosTech in a press release. “We are proud to contribute to the Sun’s commitment to team health and performance, and look forward to seeing the positive impact our sleep technologies can have during the 2023 season.” 

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask is available for $298.