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Hisense Debuts Vision for Scenario-Driven Tech Future 

Hisense, a global consumer electronics and appliances producer, took center stage as the IFA Lead Partner at IFA 2023. Fisher Yu, President of Hisense Group Holdings Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech themed “The Scenario-Driven Future of Tech.” Hisense is committed to its scenario-driven approach to innovation, aiming for high-quality growth both inside and beyond the home. They also announced their official partnership with UEFA EURO 2024, marking their third consecutive collaboration with the tournament. 

President of Hisense Group, Fisher Yu.
Aleksander Čeferin, President of the UEFA

Making a guest appearance was Aleksander Čeferin the President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) who expressed excitement about the partnership as well as the opportunity to spread the love of soccer throughout the world. “Football is a sport of many layers, each full of exciting and strong emotions,” Čeferin remarked during a video presented at the event. “We are committed to developing the best sport in the world, from the grassroots to the elite level while keeping it open and accessible for everyone.” Hisense is displaying the UEFA EURO 2024 trophy at their booth. 

Hisense’s remarkable international expansion success, spanning over 160 countries, has earned them the status of the second-largest TV manufacturer globally in 2022. Their strategy revolves around using screens to connect integrated networks and cloud services, offering personalized services through scenario-based approaches. With a robust technical system called “Screens, Operating System, and Platform,” Hisense plans to expand its screen network, enhance the VIDAA OS system, and improve the ConnectLife platform to provide superior personalized services and an improved user experience. 

“We need to move away from responsive design services, and this is why AI is going to help us a lot,” said Denis Oštir, Senior Director of Market Development for VIDAA USA. “Currently, we’re able to serve customers what we think they’ll want in the future. We need to go one step beyond this and predict these needs before they’re able to tell us.” 

Denis Oštir, Senior Director of Market Development for VIDAA USA

At IFA 2023, under the theme “Go Tech, and Beyond,” Hisense showcases its core home living product range and innovative connected living technologies. This includes products like the UX, U8, Laser TV, and smart refrigerators with large screens, along with innovations in cooking, dishwashing, and clothes washing. Hisense highlighted its cutting-edge technology, artistic design, and interactive product range through various lifestyle scenarios, including a gaming experience zone and an art gallery.