Home Business News CE Today 11/9/23: News from Midland Radio, Tineco & xTool

CE Today 11/9/23: News from Midland Radio, Tineco & xTool

CE Today 11/9/23: News from Midland Radio, Tineco & xTool

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Midland Radio’s BizTalk BR180 On-Site Business Radio Is Now Available for Purchase 

Today, Midland Radio, a manufacturer of two-way radio communication technology for outdoor recreation and a variety of industries, announced its new BizTalk BR180 On-Site Business Radio is available for purchase. The BizTalk BR180 is ideal for restaurant, retail, hospitality and light industry applications that require consistent and clear communication.

The BizTalk BR180 On-Site Business Radio by Midland Radio. Image courtesy of Midland Radio.

Meant to be worn for long periods, the BizTalk BR180 is lightweight and comfortable. It comes equipped with a belt clip, a holster with a rotating hinge and an ultra-comfortable headset. Midland Radio’s newest BizTalk is also user-friendly right out of the box. It can hold a charge for 14 hours, ensuring consistent operation on multi-hour-long shifts. Chargers also come with an extra charging slot for quick swaps. Following Midland Radio’s commitment to safety, the BizTalk BR180 provides NOAA Weather Alerts and does not require cell phone or internet service to communicate with others. 

The BizTalk BR180 is available as a single pack (BR180) for $109.99 or as a six pack, (BR180X6BGC) for $659.99. 

Tineco Introduces Line of Sustainable Smart Cleaning Innovations  

Smart home appliance brand Tineco elevates the cleaning experience with the release of new products that feature sustainable and eco-friendly pouch cell technology. Pouch cells are a type of lithium-ion battery that are formulated into a flexible, pouch-shaped design. They have a high energy density and are versatile in their applications due to their ability to make efficient use of space. Thanks to this technology, the FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO, PURE ONE Station FurFree and FLOOR ONE S7 Steam from Tineco have longer lifespans, are more energy-efficient and leave a smaller ecological footprint.

The FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO by Tineco. Image courtesy of Tineco.

The FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO is a 5-in-1 vacuum. With SwitchPro Motor technology, the FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO can switch between cleaning tasks seamlessly. With the switch out of some attachments, the vacuum can be a crevice tool, a floor cleaner, a stick vacuum and a mini-power brush. It is also self-cleaning and ensures a continuous stream of fresh water through the bi-directional rotated brush whilst scraping up any leftover wastewater, preventing streaks. The FLOOR ONE S7 COMBO vacuum is available for $899.99. 

The PURE ONE Station FurFree by Tineco. Image courtesy of Tineco.

The PURE ONE Station FurFree is a 4-in-1 Omnihub that takes the labor out of maintaining a vacuum. Once the vacuum is docked, the station immediately begins charging the vacuum. It also self-cleans every part of the vacuum, from the brush to the tube and dustbin. A 3L dustbin that can hold up to 60 days’ worth of debris, reducing the need for disposables and saving users money. The PURE ONE Station FurFree retails for $799.99. 

For a deeper clean without the use of harmful chemicals, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam uses HyperSteam technology to heat water to 284 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam sprays directly onto the floor to reduce the loss of steam heat, ensuring a consistent cleaning process. The FLOOR ONE S7 Steam is also self-cleaning and self-sanitizing. It comes with a smart LED display that can detect the presence of debris and turn on a precise cleaning protocol to best target the debris, alerting the user when it is cleared. It is available for $649.99. 

xTool Launches Screen Printer Campaign on Kickstarter 

Video courtesy of xTools.

Today, xTool announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the Screen Printer, an innovative device that combines a screen printer with a laser engraving machine. The device will allow users from all artistic backgrounds to print customized items and artwork with precision, swiftness and ease.  

The xTool Screen Printer lets users create a screen plate in only 1-3 hours, compared with the traditional 1-2 days. The Screen Printer delivers 6x the flatness precision with its customized spray net and spray equipment. It is capable of making stencils at rapid speed and, when paired with xTools Laser Engravers, designs come out clear and detailed. A quick-release frame clamp lets users easily swap stencils. Another feature is the 60-degree hover hinge that reduces the risk of ink spills by enhancing operational efficiency. The Z-axis AutoPress feature makes it easier to adjust the height of the printer while performing high-volume printing jobs. 

The Early Bird Basic Kit for the xTool Screen Printer values at $199.