Home Business News CE Today 11/28/23: News from LG, ViewSonic, and ROMOSS

CE Today 11/28/23: News from LG, ViewSonic, and ROMOSS

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LG Invites Global Audience to CES 2024 World Premiere

LG Electronics is extending a global invitation to viewers for its LG World Premiere press conference at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on January 8, 2024, at 08:00 (PST). The event, themed ‘Reinvent your future,’ will be opened by LG CEO William Cho, who will outline the company’s strategic focus for 2024 and beyond.

Photo courtesy of LG.

Highlighting LG’s transformation into a Smart Life Solution Company and the integration of AI for enhanced living spaces and customer experiences, the conference promises to delve deeper into the Future Vision 2030 declared in July 2023. The unveiling of cutting-edge products will be complemented by an exhibition at CES, featuring immersive displays, innovative technology installations, and interactive exhibits showcasing LG’s commitment to improving lives in home, commercial, and mobility settings.

ViewSonic Unveils M10 Laser Projector

ViewSonic Corp., a global leader in visual solutions, has unveiled the M10 portable RGB laser projector, a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup. The M10 employs advanced RGB laser technology to achieve full compliance with the 100% BT.2020 standard in a compact and highly mobile format. It promises vivid imagery with enhanced color saturation, even in well-lit environments, and boasts exceptional cinematic audiovisual performance with a built-in Harman Kardon customized speaker. The projector features instant auto focus with Time of Flight (ToF) technology and auto horizontal/vertical keystone correction for quick hands-free setup, enhancing home and on-the-go entertainment experiences.

The M10’s use of pioneering RGB laser technology sets it apart by integrating three primary laser light sources into a single module, achieving a more compact form factor without compromising performance. With 2,200 RGB Laser Lumens of brightness, it delivers clear and vibrant cinematic-level visuals even in ambient lighting. The M10 further distinguishes itself with intelligent auto-setup functions, including ToF technology for instant auto focus and auto horizontal/vertical keystone correction. This portable projector supports versatile usage scenarios such as wireless screen mirroring, direct connections to mobile devices, and ceiling projection without an additional tripod. It doubles as a Bluetooth speaker with a high-quality Harman Kardon speaker and supports headphone pairing for personal entertainment.

ROMOSS X1000: Revolutionizing Portable Power Stations

ROMOSS X1000 introduces the next frontier in portable power stations, emphasizing freedom and reliability in charging experiences globally. Designed for diverse applications such as off-grid living, emergencies, and outdoor activities, the X1000 boasts an unparalleled capacity of up to 16kWh and an 80% fast charge in just 1 hour. Positioned as a trustworthy backup system during power outages, it offers uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and customizable power supply design. For outdoor enthusiasts, the X1000 stands out with a robust hardware design, compact structure, and eco-friendly operation without emissions or noise.

Image courtesy of ROMOSS X1000.

The modular design allows users to expand power and capacity freely, managing up to 4 units for 4000W power. The X1000 also features a unique magnet system for attaching accessories like a selfie stick light, projector holder, trolley, and fan, enhancing convenience and functionality. With ROMOSS’s commitment to charging for a better life, the X1000 sets a new standard in the portable power station market.