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Instagram Announces New Reels Advertising Feature

Instagram announced a new advertising feature for Reels, the social media platform’s video content section. With this feature, which the company is calling “Boost,” businesses will be able to turn their Reels into ads so that they will reach a larger audience. Reels boosted in this fashion will appear across Instagram, from the explore page to a user’s standard feed. There are already ads across the social media platform, but not in Reel format.

There are specifications that Instagram is requiring Reels to meet before allowing them to be boosted. It must be less than a minute long and have a 9:16 aspect ratio — the standard vertical smart phone video format. Reels using copyrighted music, other third-party intellectual properties, camera filters, GIFs or interactive stickers will not be able to be boosted. Instagram also made sure to note that those using this new boosting method should check performance data in order to adapt and grow as advertisers.

This news comes after Meta, owner of both Instagram and Facebook, revealed earlier this year that Instagram users spend more than 20 percent of time on the platform watching Reels. With short form video content like Reels and TikTok growing ever more popular, it is unsurprising that platforms and businesses alike would want to capitalize on the trend, and it appears that it is becoming easier to do so. It will also not come as a surprise if Instagram continues to invest in more commerce features for Reels in the future.