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VOXX International Launches Launches New E-Commerce Platform

VOXX International Corporation, which is known as a manufacturer and distributor of automotive and consumer technologies, has announced that it has launched an e-Commerce platform. According to a news release put out today, the first roll out will be at Premium Audio Company, which operates brands such as Klipsch, Jamo, Onkyo, Integra, Elite, Pioneet, Magnat and Heco.

This move has been in progress for some time, since the company has been looking for more ways to improve the customer experience. This platform is meant to improve visibility, data aggregation and various operation support functions. The new platform is capable of supporting all of the company’s e-commerce initiatives.

“We continue to add strong brands with loyal, long-standing customers. As we grow organically and continue to acquire and integrate, it’s essential that we consider all customer touch points and have the best infrastructure in place to support them,” said Pat Lavelle, president and CEO of VOXX International Corporation. “Our new e-commerce platform will improve call times, data collection, routing, shipping information, and more, and most importantly, lead to better customer satisfaction at the point of sale and the post-sale experience.”

With this launch, Premium Audio Company has integrated new tools and features into its platform that will include support calls and live chat. Also the checkout experience has been simplified, new eWallet features have been added, and now consumers have more payment options with the addition of Amazon Pay.

“You have to provide customers with the best experience and foresee issues before they arise,” added Lavelle. “This is a corporate-wide initiative starting with Premium Audio Company given their iconic consumer brands and loyal customer base, and the volume of business this represents for VOXX now and into the future. We have the ability to leverage this platform across any of other e-Commerce platforms in the future and will continue to invest in our business to drive positive experiences with VOXX and our brands.”