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City Transformer Wins SHIFT Mobility’s “MIND Shifter” Competition

The startup competition “MIND Shifter” from SHIFT Mobility has ended today with judges choosing startup City Transformer as the winner. They were awarded 10,000 euro.

City Transformer was founded in Tel Aviv in 2014, where it designs, develops and produces foldable smart electric vehicles. The startup’s first product, the CT-1, is an all-electric emissions-free microcar meant to reduce traffic, emissions and parking issues in metropolitan areas. At its presentation, City Transformer explained how their microcar — which takes up about the same space as a motorcycle — can easily move about a busy city while offering the comfort and convenience of a car. At the touch of a button, the car also expands to a small two-seater vehicle for longer rides with a companion.

The judges deliberate their decisions at Shift Mobility.

Competing against City Transformer were the following startups:

RadSee: This company’s 4D imaging radar was designed with the flexibility for easy integration into existing systems, and the low cost needed for widespread adoption.

ParcelP: ParcelP aims to transform the way shipping logistics works with “slogistics” and last mile delivery.

DirecTrainSystems: This startup uses proprietary Dynamic Coupling technology to develop a unique and sustainable Urban Freight Parcels delivery service by rail.

Second Ride: Second Ride takes iconically designed mopeds from former East Germany and converts them into electric bikes for an affordable price.

recyclehero: This is an innovative recycling service involving hand pickups, subscriptions and easier ways for consumers to recycle goods.

2roam: This startup hopes to make large festivals and events more eco-friendly by linking people with nearby buses.

THEO: THEO is a robot delivery service on e-powered wheels that hopes to take the strain off the lack of labor in this sector.

VePa- Vertical Parking: With the lack of parking available in European cities, VePa offers a rotary parking system that creates 16 parking spaces in just 35 square meters.

Vesputi: This startup is a B2B mobility backend that makes local busses and trains accessible to everyone.

City Transformer accepts their award.

After the preliminary selection process, the startups presented themselves in front of a large audience, trade visitors and numerous media at IFA Berlin. They were judged by their idea, the degree of innovation, feasibility, their team and their concept. Members of the jury included Dr Hans Hamer (CEO SHIFT Mobility), Britta Reineke (the founder of electric), Erinn Loucks (editor in chief of Dealerscope & Connected Design), and Carsten Heintzsch, Michael Schmidt (UBS) und Nadine Hanfstein (creative director of ramp).

All ten startups received press coverage, coaching from Carsten Heintzsch and time on the global stage at SHIFTMobility.