Home Mobility OKAI and NAE Tackle DTC E-Mobility in the U.S.

OKAI and NAE Tackle DTC E-Mobility in the U.S.

OKAI and NAE Tackle DTC E-Mobility in the U.S.

It’s tough to find a more engaging topic in the consumer technology space than e-mobility. Anyone who has traveled to a major U.S. city over the past three years has likely seen evidence of the e-mobility craze in the fleets of electric scooters and bikes dotting bike lanes and sidewalks from Manhattan to LA.

On our latest Dealerscope Insider Talk, group publisher Tony Monteleone sat down with Fred Towns, the president of New Age Electronics, and Jack Gillin, the senior director of business growth for the Americas at OKAI, to talk about the growth of the industry and why it should become a staple for those in the consumer electronics space.  

In regards to New Age Electronic’s outlook on e-mobility, Fred Towns Said: “We started looking at e-transportation even before the pandemic. We were seeing it as a green solution for consumers who are looking to cover those distances where you wouldn’t necessarily want to turn the car on such as going to the pharmacy or picking up food.”

“This dynamic that Fred touched on has led us into creating a consumer presence in the U.S. through TD Synnex and New Age Electronics,” said Jack Gillin.

On top of producing high-quality, cost-efficient, and durable e-mobility solutions, OKAI brings to the space an immense amount of manufacturing power. According to Jack Gillin, the company, which was founded back in 2011, can produce 120,000 e-bikes and scooters a month at its 1.4 million sq ft manufacturing facility.

In the Dealerscope Insider Talk, Jack Gillin said: “We earned our stripes on the sidewalks and laterally in the bike lanes of Europe, America and Asia. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer meaning we design and produce everything down to component-level, PCPs, and battery packs, which a lot of other companies don’t do.”

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