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At CES 2021, Sono Motors Presents its Solar EV Solution: Sion

Sono Motors Sion

Solar EV is a new vehicle category seeking to shake up and revolutionize the way consumers drive and think of car ownership. In pursuit of this goal is the company Sono Motors, which was at CES 2021 to present its solution.

Sono Motors is aiming at a leadership position on this field’s stage, with its prototype community-led next-generation vehicle: Sion. Sion blends the disruptive technology of solar with affordability, aiming to allow individuals to contribute to global sustainability in a convenient way.

The Sion is offers a one-size-fits-all package at the price of Euro25,5000 ($26,000 U.S).

It features a lithium-ion battery that, when fully charged, provides a driving range of up to 255km (158.45mi), according to WLTP standards. In addition to the battery, the Sion solar car is integrated with more than 248 solar cells in the body. This allows the car to charge throughout the day with the power of the sun – and it will still charge while driving. The integrated solar panels provide an additional range of up to 35km (21.7mi) per day, making it fully self-sufficient for short-distance driving.

The Sion boasts a beautiful, sleek yet simple design that is meant to catch the eye. Of special note is the fact that a smartphone operates as a key. Within the app, the owner can digitally transfer the vehicle’s keys to selected drivers, so that keys can make the vehicle drivable by a friend or neighbor when the owner is away.

In addition to car sharing, the Sion also allows for power-sharing. Power-sharing allows the Sion to become a mobile charging station that powers and can provide energy for electronic devices and even other EVs, with up to 11KW of power. The Sono app allows the driver to decide how much energy to share, and at what price, and also allows the owner to offer up the car as a ride pool service. This allows anyone using the app to seek rides and owners of the Sion to accept riders.

The Sion is available via direct order online, and as of now, it is available only in the European market; potential markets are being explored as customer demand expands, the company says.