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Take the Stress Out of Travel: Best Travel Technology

Take the Stress Out of Travel: Best Travel Technology

Traveling’s complexity – the paperwork, planning, and packing – drives many people to forgo it altogether and opt for staycations. COVID-19 added a new layer of stress and paperwork, which certainly hasn’t helped. 

Traveling doesn’t have to be hard. Thankfully, the travel industry and travel technology continue to improve despite hard times. After traveling to more than 40 countries, many of which were during COVID-19, I have become a seasoned veteran when it comes to traveling. The trick to easy traveling comes down to packing. As I buckle up to add another country to my growing list, I will not leave for the airport without adding these tech items to my carry-on.

I never travel anywhere without a pair of trustworthy headphones. I always keep them nearby, like a backpack or purse. Investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones has changed the game for me. For those looking to purchase a solid pair of headphones, I recommend Sony’s WH-1000XM4.

I prefer smaller earplugs that I can easily tuck away. The 1MORE EVO headphones come in a compact, sleek case that fits in any small purse or pocket. It features noise cancellation up to 42dB. COVID-19 is not the only safety precaution left to worry about when traveling. Luckily, these headphones have a transparency mode, so you can remain situationally aware and toggle between sounds inside and outside your headphones.

Take the Stress Out of Travel: Best Travel Technology

The last situation one wants to be in while in a foreign place is without charge on your phone. A portable charger ensures you can pull up your GPS, translator and scroll on apps without worry or pressure to hike back to your hotel room to charge up again. For this reason, I strongly recommend traveling with at least one, but preferably multiple, portable chargers. The INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger has two USB ports if you can’t swing the space for two chargers. 

Similar to portable chargers, international adapters are necessary for traveling. Make it even easier for yourself and buy a charger that comes with USB ports, like the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter, so you don’t have to worry about also bringing multiple charging blocks. Compatible in 150 countries and equipped with four USB-A ports and a 15-watt USB-C port, the Epicka adapter costs only 23 dollars. 

It’s easy to lose track of time while traveling. Completely fine and expected if your meandering down ancient piazzas but not so much if you have a flight to catch. That’s where smartwatches come in. Smartwatches not only do the obvious and report the time but also offer fitness tracking, messages, maps and apps. For iPhone users, Apple Watches carry Apple Wallet, so you can quickly access your credit card or boarding pass. Android users, on the other hand, should opt for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you’re anything like me you probably won’t end a trip without losing at least one thing. Save yourself the stress of searching or rebuying items and buy a Bluetooth tracker. I stick a Tile tracker in my most important items, like my wallet. If I lose anything I attached a Tile to I pull up the Tile app and can see its location or ring it. 

One perk of working from home is the ability to make anywhere your office. Go on that trip you always wanted to take and call into work on the vacation of your dreams. A laptop isn’t always big enough, so a portable monitor may be a worthwhile investment. Portable monitors won’t only prove useful on vacation. They can enhance fluidity during the transition to hybrid work. The ASUS ZenScreen MB16A Portable Monitor is a high-quality USB monitor for hybrid workers to use for work in addition to vacation. Asus monitors’ are compatible with Windows devices and Mac devices (double-check your generation/updates first). It’s 15.6 inches but weighs only 1.76 pounds leaving plenty of room for everything else you might pack. 

Save yourself the trouble of leaving everything to the last minute and build up your arsenal of gadgets you don’t travel without. Pack consciously so you can soak in every glorious minute of your vacation.