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Sony Intros In-Car Powered Subwoofer

Sony In-Car Subwoofer
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Sony Electronics Inc. has announced the new XS-AW8 in-car powered subwoofer, adding a new product category to the company’s car audio offerings. This powerful subwoofer offers the great sound customers have come to expect from Sony, in a compact and versatile form factor.

“The term Sony has its roots in the Latin word sonus, or ‘sound,’ and it is core to our business to provide a premium audio experience,” said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer, Sony Electronics North America. “The Sony name is also synonymous with innovation, and we are constantly looking for new ways to move the industry forward tangibly.”

XS-AW8 Key Features:

The powerful XS-AW8 subwoofer offers the great sound customers have come to expect from Sony, in a compact and versatile form factor.
  • 160W Peak Output Power – Fill the car with 160W (75W RMS) of clean and dynamic bass sound from a built-in class A/B amplifier with Sony’s original power IC, designed for precise and clear low end even at its loudest[1]. 
  • High Level Input – Even when using a factory radio with no preamp outputs, users can simply connect the speaker outputs of their receiver to the high-level inputs. When pre-out signals are available from the receiver, connect them to the CH1(R) and CH2(L) terminals. High voltage pre-out compatibility means customers can utilize higher voltage up to 5V for a clean audio signal and less external noise. 
  • Sleek, Shallow Subwoofer – The slim design allows installation in restricted spaces and fills the car with clean and deep bass line.
  • Optimally Designed Driver Unit and Low Resonance Cart-aluminum Enclosure – To reproduce powerful bass sound from its compact dimensions, the slim enclosure is paired with a rigid subwoofer diaphragm. The built-in amplifier also integrates a sturdy heat-sink to protect the driver unit and amp without introducing unwanted vibrations and harmonic distortion.
  • Wired Remote Commander – A wired remote commander allows customers to adjust the subwoofer volume from the driver’s seat. 
  • Single-sided Controls & Terminals – Connections and amplifier controls are together on a single side for easy installation and tuning. The amplifier features a variable low-pass filter for simple connection to full-range sources, including the speaker-level inputs. A switch lets users customize the subwoofer phase output, to prevent any reduced bass response due to phase cancellation from other speakers in the system. 

The XS-AW8 will have a suggested retail price of $299.99 and will be available to purchase in December 2020. For a full list of specs and information, please click here.