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Study Finds Increased Awareness of E-Mobility Worldwide

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SHIFT Mobility and pressrelations, a German media monitoring and analytics platform, partnered up recently to produce  “MIND-SHIFT – A Compendium of Future Mobility, Circularity, and New Urbanism.” This new study focuses on the intersection between urbanism, mobile software applications, e-mobility, and battery tech.

After six months of intensive research and detailed digital analytics, SHIFT Mobility presented  the study to the public in Berlin late last month.

In the study, SHIFT Mobility and pressrelations shine a light on the latest technological – and philosophical –developments in the e-mobility sector. Topics range from new concepts of radical urbanism to in-car car technology, including software and sustainability.   

Some of the questions the study poses include:

  • How will we transform our cities that cannot sustain the needs of their populations?How can we achieve sustainability with the help of the latest in hi-tech?
  • What will power tomorrow’s transportation needs and at the same time keep our planet alive?
  • Automotive developments have reached technological limits. Will the next hi-tech-revolutions happen in car interiors?
  • Is circularity a cure-all for the scarcity of raw materials in recent times?
  • Can micro-logistics solve the problems of inner-city congestion and improve the quality of our lives?

“We have concentrated our efforts on what moves mobility in the real sense of the word by looking at what serves as basis for the awareness in English- and German-language lead media,” said pressrelations Chief Strategic Officer Oliver Heyden in regards to the study’s goals.

Other findings include a whopping 800-percent increase in the awareness of digitalization and mobility in the media over the past year. The study also found that for 80 percent of Chinese customers and 40 percent of European consumers, the massive amount of new highly digitized and electric vehicles hitting the market was enough of a reason to switch automotive brands. 

We have seen that progress begins at the interface of those industries. That is where innovation is happening, which makes our study so important. Thus ‘MIND-SHIFT’ has become a seismograph for the entire mobility ecosystem and its interactive dynamics.

Dr. Hans H. Hamer is the CEO of SHIFT Mobility.