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Countertop Coral UV 2 Sanitizer Disinfects Everything From Pacifiers to Laptops

Countertop Coral UV-2 Sanitizer

Around the United States, COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and the population is getting vaccinated; however, the mental impact of a year spent in a germ-conscious pandemic society remains. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the germs present on the surfaces of the phones, keys, wallets, and other daily accessories and gadgets they carry around all day. Retailers and manufacturers who filled the need for hygiene-conscious products such as UV-C sanitizer devices, smart face masks, and air purifiers during the pandemic are continuing to utilize this increased awareness in the post-pandemic world. 

In July, the second-generation Coral UV 2, an LED UV-C sanitizer and dryer system, will be released for sale directly to consumers. With a sleek stainless steel design, the Coral UV 2 can be placed in any room in the house and eradicates 99.9 percent of bacteria in just 10 minutes. Compared with the original Coral UV sanitizer and dryer that was first unveiled in 2018, the second-generation model offers an increase of 84 cubic inches of space, an updated intuitive sensitive touch control panel, and six eco-friendly LED UV-C bulbs (versus two in the original). 

The Coral UV 2 can disinfect phones, wallets, keys, and any items that fit within its 7.1” x 11.2” x 8.6” inch interior. While the original Coral UV has the capacity to disinfect six baby bottles at once, the expanded Coral UV 2 can comfortably sanitize 12 baby bottles or six iPhone 12s. The Coral UV 2 aimed mainly at hygiene-conscious households–say, new parents–but is also capable of sanitizing any mid-sized electronics, keys, wallets, remote controls, hairdryers, office supplies, headphones, and even some laptops.

The UV-C system that the Coral UV 2 employs does not actually kill bacteria; rather, it damages the molecular bonds between the RNA within the bacteria, making it nearly impossible for them to reproduce. Without the capability to reproduce, viruses can’t multiply and infect anyone they come in contact with. Coral says the Coral UV 2’s LED lights are up to six times more powerful than other market LED sanitizers, and are effective in stemming the reproduction of the COVID-19 virus. 

The Coral UV 2 also employs a commercial-grade rotating HEPA filter lock air filtration system that blocks any germs from entering the apparatus during the sterilization and drying process. Winner of three prestigious product design awards from Red Dot, iF Design, and Muse Design, the Coral UV 2 is a sleek device in white matte that looks right at home with other countertop appliances or desktop gadgets. 

The UV 2 can be pre-ordered directly from the Coral UV website and on Amazon. The base model price is on sale now for $129 and will ship to consumers in July.