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iHome Launches iHome Health UV-C Sanitizing Product Line

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iHome has unwrapped its iHome Health line, which includes UV-C sanitizing devices. The POWERUVC PRO (iUVBT1; shown; $129.99) and the POWERUVC (iUV30; $79.99) are designed to kill viruses and bacteria from everyday objects without liquids or chemicals.

Objects such as cellphones, remotes, glasses and small toys pick up bacteria and harmful viruses. iHome Health products use UV-C light to damage these pathogens, says the company. The iHome Health line of products are lab-tested in independent laboratories on phones, watches, and other surfaces. Results, says the company, prove a kill rate of 99.9% on pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, K. pneumoniae, E. Coli, MRSA, and more.

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iHome Health POWERUVC devices include more UV-C power and coverage than competing LED-based sanitizers, asserts iHome. This helps to eliminate blind spots for 360˚ cleaning so consumers can sanitize objects safely and confidently without the use of liquids, chemicals, or mercury bulbs, using UV-C germicidal technology that has been used in hospitals for decades.

“We started developing our iHome Health product line well before the current health crisis. We believed that breakthrough UV-C LED technology was becoming affordable and that we could create meaningful and useful products,” said Sean Chraime, director of product development at iHome, in the announcement statement. “We took extra care to test and refine the line at every stage of development to ensure that it delivers on its promise. That is why our products include more UV-C sanitizing power and coverage than any other LED-based sanitizer.”

POWERUVC PRO (iUVBT1) is a UV-C sanitizing device that also includes a Bluetooth speaker for wireless music streaming, a dimmable alarm clock and dual USB charging via two ports that charge devices both inside and outside the sanitizing compartment. With UV-C LEDs situated on top and bottom, it can complete 360-degree sanitization coverage in 180 seconds, says iHome. And the UV-C LEDs automatically turn off when the lid is opened to avoid exposure to UV light. An intelligent dimming sensor automatically adjusts the clock brightness and dual alarms allow users to set separate wake times. 

POWERUVC (iUV30) is a compact UV-C device to sanitize in 180 seconds a phone, remote, glasses and toothbrushes using UV-C LEDs. The compartment keeps UV-C light contained and the UV-C LEDs automatically turn off when the lid is open, ensuring safety. The iUV30 features a UV status light to indicate when the cleaning process is occurring.